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Posted by 08.06.09


Photo Credit: Fresh.com

By Guest Bag Lady: Arianna Gold

FRESH BROWN SUGAR BODY POLISH – One of the essential things I do in the shower is use a body scrub to make sure I remove any excess dead skin and/or impurities. I splurged one day and decided to pick up Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish Scrub, which is an expensive product. (A 14.1 oz container retails for $65.00.) There were a few things about the product I really did love… the scent of the lemons mixed with the essential botanical oils and brown sugar left my skin feeling smoother than ever before. The exfoliation process was stimulating and treated my skin by gently moisturizing it and restoring its beautiful glow. One conclusion I came to after using this product is that it is easily duplicated and I could make my own sugar scrub for half the price. If you just put brown sugar in a jar, add as much baby oil as the jar can hold and then squeeze in lemon juice from at least two fresh lemons you have your very own brown sugar body polish scrub!

FINAL VERDICT – SYC (SAVE YOUR CASH) – Save your cash and make it yourself!!

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