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04-19-14 | Posted by

Body order is a touchy subject. You know exactly what I mean if you ever needed to tell a co-worker to rethink their hygiene regimen (I have and it’s not fun). Kids present an equally sticky situation. Children reach puberty at younger and younger ages—an unfortunate consequence of antibiotic loaded milk and meat—and their still little bodies begin to emit adult like odors—worse, in some cases, because kids are so active.

The UK’s Roberta and Michael Harris took matters into their own hands so visits with their grandchildren would be more pleasant. With 20+ years of pharmaceutical experience under their belts, they developed and formulated Fresh Kidz, a deodorant range just for children.

Originally launched in the UK, Fresh Kidz just hit stateside stores. It’s available in two versions—Fresh Kidz Girls ($4.99) and Fresh Kidz Boys ($4.99), each formulated without aluminum, parabens, or alcohol, which could be irritating or harmful to young armpits.

“It was essential to create a brand that parents could trust, and at the same time we wanted to design the range so kids would want to use it,” said Rochelle Diaz, COO of Kind2Skin USA, which markets Fresh Kidz in the US. “Our ultimate mission is to create a natural based range of personal hygiene products for kids aged between eight and fourteen.”

Housed in cute kid sized roll on packaging, Fresh Kidz is said to give 24-hour protection. It is available now at Meijer, select Whole Foods, Giant, Stop & Shop, and Amazon.com.

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