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Photo Credit: www.stylesectionla.com

Like Annie Segal, I grew up running around the Fred Segal store located in West Hollywood. Unlike Annie, I was just a neighborhood kit who lived a block away, not the daughter of the founder. Now Annie, 36, continues the tradition started by her father some 50 years ago, with Fred Segal Originals. Part of Fred Segal’s sprawling Santa Monica complex – the family no longer owns the West Hollywood location – Fred Segal Originals recreates the flavor and atmosphere of the original store with recycled fixtures, memorabilia and photographs from decades past as well as a lineup of greatest hits fashions.

Dolled up basics like-t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, sweatshirts and skirts comprise the Fred Segal Originals collection. Annie pays homage to her father’s pioneering design by updating the “offon,” an elastic-waist pull-on pant now available in silk, twill and jersey.

“Our motivation is to give back to our customer,” states Annie Segal, founder and designer, Fred Segal Originals. “I remember what it was like to grow up in the stores. Customers were family, hours were spent shopping, talking and exploring. There was nothing else like it.”

Highlighting the customer focus, prices for Fred Segal Originals are under $100, called “authentic” price points by Annie. The store also carries Victoria Beckham, Foley & Corinna and Prophetik. For more information, visit www.fredsegal.com.

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