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11-04-14 | Posted by

As the weather becomes colder as we get closer into the winter months, it’s time to look at fragrances that make you feel as warm as a well-lit fire. Here are a few we’d love to wear during the grayer, darker days.


Marc Jacobs Honey


Marc Jacobs Pink Honey Limited Edition ($76) — There’s no mistaking a Marc Jacobs fragrance bottle. Chances are that it’s pretty as a Barbie doll, and capped with some whimsical and colorful flower (think Dot, Lola, and others). The latest Pink Honey Limited Edition dresses up the classic Honey fragrance in tones of fun florals, with top notes of pear, fruity punch, and juicy mandarin; middle notes of orange blossom, peach nectar, and honeysuckle; and base notes of honey, smooth woods, and golden vanilla. These blended florals definitely come out with more of a sharp edge than say, Daisy. Pink Honey Limited Edition is ideal for a night out, especially if you’re a girly girl.


Winter by Sam Rader


WINTER Unisex Fragrance ($85) — Unisex fragrances closes the gap between His and Hers, they free up shelf space in your cosmetics cabinet for other purchases, and they actually smell pretty good. A cult obsession in Los Angeles, WINTER Unisex Fragrance — created by Dasein Fragrance founder and perfumer Sam Rader — invokes the frigid season with comfortingly relevant notes of blue spruce, forest pine (both harvested from the pines of the Austrian alps) black cardamom, and French lavender. Instead of using steam-distilled lavender, lavender absolute is extracted by using a solvent for a fresher, richer bouquet. Black cardamom is a rare note to include in a unisex fragrance and the perfume crackles with this addition. This scent is clean and crisp, like most winter days.




Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu  ($89) — A deeper, more sensual fragrance to usher in the winter months, Untold Absolu is the latest fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. This fragrance with notes of floral absolutes, red plum, and ginger along with generous and sparkling bursts of raspberry, gives this a well-rounded finish, and perhaps that hint of harvest too. All these notes are over a magnetic amber base. The bottle itself is a bijou as they say in French, a strawberry-shaped jewel with gold-toned base and a clear top.




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