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07-23-11 | Posted by

Photo Credit: tuffscent.com

If you read yesterday’s post  – a review of Bonding Over Beauty by Erika Katz – here’s a nifty product to share with your daughter. Tuff Scent scented nail polish was a celebrity fave back in the mid-90s when it was carried by trend setting venues like Fred Segal, Saks Fifth Avenue and Planet Blue. It’s relaunching now with 20 shades and scents divided among six different collections: Fire, Sunrise, Mineral, Water, Earth and Garden.

Scents run the gamut from flowers (rose) to fruit (cranberry) to spices (cinnamon). The scent releases as the polish dries and lasts up to 24 hours or more.

Brand founders, mother-daughter team Lisa Arnbrister and Sylvana Barbash, are punctuating the launch with a charitable contribution to breast cancer awareness – they will donate $1.00 for every bottle sold. Appropriately, the new line features inspirational names like Faith (Fig), Hope (China Rain), Believe (Jasmine) and Dream (Gardenia).

Tuff Scent has already become a favorite of celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and will be featured at this year’s Teen Choice Awards. The polish is available at www.tuffscent.com, priced at $14.00 per bottle.

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