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Posted by 03.01.09


LANCOME CILS BOOSTER XL – Last foundation to pump up and extend lashes. Thick and white so if you are  not good with spackle may not be the product for you. Having said that apllied correctly with black/brown mascara on top lashes do look fuller and thicker. Best for evening , clubbing and when lights are low for a more natural look. 

FINAL VERDICT: ICW [ IT CAN WAIT ] – During these economic times I prefer a mascara that can be worn day and nite for a more natural look.

4 Responses to “FLIRT AWAY”

  1. MWC Says:

    Agree totally. Clumpy and makes lashes look a little spidery, but does add length.

  2. Bonnita Says:

    Loreal makes the same exact thing – and it’s half the price or less. check your drugstore

  3. TWA Says:

    Agreed. My regular mascara didnt cover up the white paste – so I wouldnt use it again.

  4. wewritealot Says:

    You guys are using too much. It works better if you just do one coat, let it dry quick, and then put on mascara.

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