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08-29-12 | Posted by

Professional, permanent hair removal seems like a dream come true, until you check out the price. Defuzzing your legs can run into thousands of dollars, requiring half a dozen visits to the doctor or esthetician to banish hair forever. Thankfully, at-home options exist at a much more reasonable price point.

Flash&Go ($299) is a permanent hair removal device from Silk’n that uses Home Pulse Light™ (HPL) to target body and facial hair. A type of light energy, HPL is absorbed by the color pigment in your hair and then converted into heat, ultimately disabling hair growth without affecting the surrounding skin. Like professional laser treatments, this process requires multiple applications. A key advantage here is that additional treatments won’t cost you a penny, and you can do them yourself in the comfort of your home.

Flash&Go is a hand held device that plugs into the wall—so there are no worries that your battery will die before you finish your session. It can be used on large areas like legs and thighs (or chests, if you want to tidy up the man in your life), sensitive areas like the bikini line, or smaller regions like the upper lip. You can even treat your underarms and avoid shaving forever.

Hair grows in three phases: anagen (growth phase), catagen (transitional phase), telogen (resting or shedding phase). Silk’n targets hair in the anagen phase, the perfect time to disable the hair at the root and prevent future growth. The entire growth cycle takes approximately 13 weeks.

To remove hair in a specific area, like the lower leg, Silk’n recommends that you treat the area every other week for two months. After that you can maintain your results by using Flash&Go once a month, or as hair regrows. Before each use, be sure to shave the area to be treated. This ensures that the energy of Flash&Go goes directly to the root of the problem.

Unfortunately, Flash&Go can’t be used on blonde, grey or white hair, because those hairs lack the required pigment to attract the light energy. It also does not work well on darker skin tones and should be avoided because of the risk of skin discoloration or even burns. Fortunately, the device has a built in sensor, which prohibits it from treating skin that contains too much melanin, thereby ensuring that pulses will only be emitted on suitable skin tones.

In addition, you have to be careful about sun exposure before and after using Flash&Go. The company recommends that you wear protective clothing or sunscreen with an SPF 50+ for 3 weeks before and after treatment.

The precautions are well worth the results. Most users report visually diminished hair after just 2 to 4 self-treatment sessions. In clinical studies, 80% of users experienced a noticeable reduction in the amount of hair after 3 months of using Flash&Go.

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