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Whether you were inspired by the romance of this Valentine’s Day weekend, a perfect smile could always use a beautiful pout for balance. Here are some products and tips that will get you smiling in no time.

Bodyography Electric Lip Slides ($20)


The name says it all: these lip slides are an elegant hybrid of lipstick, gloss and stain and the net effect is quite loud and glossy —in the most elegant way possible. The ingredients are also emollient which means you don’t have any of that pesky tackiness that comes with so many lip products these days, which is especially helpful for a night on the town. The creamy lip colors are also long wear (much more than your average lip product) and come in 10 saturated colors from Berry’d Alive to Tickled Pink, so take your pick.

Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Creme ($36)


A rarity in the world of lipsticks, this lip creme really does hydrate at the same time draping lips with a glamorous, screen-siren worthy shine. The Hydratender complex delivers 8-hour hydration within a single application, and makes reapplication a minimal task (hourly, at the most, which is better than what can say of most lipsticks). The elegant shades are designed to wear in your own way, and depending on your mood, so this is a great bet for everyday wear. For the most part, the shades are very grownup.

Lancôme Juicy Tubes ($18)

A classic in every sense of the phrase, the Juicy Tubes are a sheer wash of color on the lips, and come in 26 shades. Ingredients of shea butter, castor seed oil and lemon peel oil all help make this formula one of the  most emollient I’ve tried. Juicy Tubes is a grown-up option in case you’re not a fan of lipstick: simply swipe and be assured that your lips will be well hydrated for that kiss.

Fresh Sugar Rose Extreme Lip Treatment ($22.50)

This classic treatment comes in a convenient bullet-sized version with a rose-pattered aluminum case; the formulation is the classic sheer rose tint with rose oil that is as sheer as it gets, if you really want a barely-there look. It’s ideal for a look that is innocent but not necessarily demure, and especially if you want an extra touch of moisture (more so than traditional glosses because this veers on the heavier side as far lip treatments go).

BUXOM Full-On Lip Polish ($19)

This best-selling lip polish comes in an impressive set of 99 colors and leaves your lips shimmering with a tingling, lip plumping effect. If you like something truly high shine and want a bit of volume on your lips (without resembling a Kardashian), then go for this well-priced item, which also has Vitamins A&E to keep them nice and soft. Compared to a lot of other lip plumpers on the market, this leaves your pout subtly improved, and not like you’ve undergone full-fledged surgery.

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