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Posted by 03.10.12

Thanks goodness beauty companies have finally realized that there’s more to anti-aging than just fighting lines and wrinkles. The new Clarins Extra-Firming Day cream ($80) addresses the dreaded loss of firmness that comes with age. As we all know, when the skin ages, it inevitably loses tone and tautness, resulting in sagging and a less defined contour.

Nothing can actually substitute for a trip to the plastic surgeon’s table in terms of lifting, but this new cream does work miracles. It gives an immediate lift, in my opinion, and makes the skin feel smoother. In fact, 100% of participants in a clinical test reported that their skin was smoother immediately after applying the cream and 86% reported it was more toned. After 4 weeks or use, 80% reported increased elasticity while 73% reported that their skin was more rested.

Formulated to rebuild the bonds between collagen, elastin and skin cells, Extra Firming Day works to strengthen the skin’s supportive architecture to firm, lift and tone. What is reportedly revolutionary about this product is that not only does it target collagen fibers, elastin fibers and fibroblasts (cells that synthesize collagen in the dermis), but it also works to strengthen the connections between these important elements. The result is improved tone and density and diminished appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Plus it smells wonderfully when you put it on. I detect a hint of lily of the valley, even though it’s not listed in the ingredient roundup.

What is listed are organic green banana and organic lemon thyme for firming, and oat sugars for immediate lifting. The green banana is a new active ingredient that stimulates the synthesis of collagen, improves the strength of collagen fibers and anchors the connections between collagen fibers and skin cells.

Just launched this month, Extra-Firming Day is available in a version for all skin types and another for dry skin. They are both part of a new Extra-Firming range which includes a day lotion with SPF 15 and two night creams. The entire range is available at Clarins counters nationwide as well as www.clarinsusa.com.



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