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*Photo reprinted with permission

By Guest Bag Lady Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, ARNP

Evolence® is a filler worth exploring. Since its FDA approval over a year ago, Evolence® has proven to be not only an elegant soft-tissue filler, but a surprisingly adaptable and smoothing entity that immediately transforms its target into precisely what these products are meant to do: create a beautiful wrinkle or fold correction without a hint of appearing corrected. This makes working with Evolence® a pleasure.

All fillers can be used to correct lines and defects. An interesting characteristic of Evolence® is that it flows extremely easily, and the defect appears to take more of this product than say, a hyaluronic acid such as Juvéderm® or Restylane®. What is interesting is that most of my patients who have previously received other fillers really loved the look and feel of Evolence®. There is little to no inflammation afterward, and the product is robust enough to gently lift even more difficult areas such as the corners of the mouth.

Although not intended for use in the lips, Evolence® can be used almost everywhere else. Since the collagen fiber is so similar to human collagen fiber, the correction appears to be maintained for a long period of time, as if the patient was just treated.

As one of my patients remarked, “I think it is amazing! You see it right away, and it really doesn’t look like anything happened, except the corners of my mouth are no longer turning down! It was so fast and comfortable…I may never ask for anything else.”

Another commented, “I was so afraid to do anything for so long. I’m only 37 so I thought it was too early. When I finally got up the nerve to try Botox and loved it, I thought I might be ready for something else. I can’t believe how young and refreshed it makes me look! I no longer have smile lines! Even my dad, who was totally against cosmetic treatment, was ecstatic!”

When patients come to me for help they will often ask, “What do I need?” I will invariably ask what bothers them or what are they concerned with, as their looks don’t bother me the way they might bother them. Then we start exploring the areas, one at a time. What I have learned is that most of my patients, especially the cosmetically naïve ones, really don’t know what is out there.

If you are new to the world of fillers, I suggest considering each of the following:

  1. Why are you going in the first place? Do you look tired? Are your lips thinning? Is your face starting to droop? Ask about specific treatments and products that will address your issues.
  2. Why these products? When you and your clinician decide on what product or products to use, ask why he or she chose them. Ask for before and after pictures.
  3. Ask how often he or she performs these treatments. Many different types of clinicians perform injectable treatments today. Make sure it accounts for at least 50% of their practice – avoid someone “practicing” on you.
  4. Think about using Arnica gel (a gel or ointment that contains some derivatives of thymol, which may have anti-inflammatory properties) prior to and after treatment. Bruising with Evolence® is rather rare, but always a possibility (more likely if you absolutely cannot afford a bruise at the time!). Some topical Arnica can sometimes reduce the chance of a bruise, or decrease clearing time. Eating pineapple (active ingredient: bromelain) can greatly reduce bruising.
  5. Price vs. Quality. The lowest (or the highest in many cases) prices may not necessarily be what you are looking for. Ask your friends or medical professionals who they would trust. These are the best referrals.

Be sure to leave a consultation appointment with what you came for. Ask until you have all your questions answered, and feel comfortable proceeding with a procedure, or tabling it for a later date.


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