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When you think of a tropical vacation what comes to mind? For me, it’s a combination of things. I dream of the hot sun and warm  ocean breeze. I picture palm trees swaying, brightly colored tropical blooms and mounds and mounds of ripe, sweetly smelling fruit like mango, pineapple, coconuts, and limes. I imagine eating fresh-from-the-sea fish and sipping ice cold tropical cocktails on the beach. It’s a mood too — a feeling of relaxation without having a care or stressful thought in the world. It’s the idea of being unplugged for a total and true getaway. Can you feel it yet?

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to get away recently, or maybe you’re indulging in a “stay-cation” by choice or necessity. You might even be sitting in your office chair right now dreaming of an escape you’d like to take. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there isn’t a reason in the world that you can’t at least feel like you’ve been whisked away. It’s easy when you take a sensory vacation with some extra special tropical-infused and inspired beauty booty. To do, just surround yourself with products formulated with exotic fruits or flowers and you’ll find it the perfect way to kick back, relax and unwind… second only to actually being there. Here, 4 beauty products for an instant escape:

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss ($22) grinds whole mangoes, strawberries and coconuts with seven protective fruit oils, pure and rich color pigments, natural waxes, trans-resveratrol and more for a super hydrating, antioxidant-rich, age-fighting, reparative, extra nourishing, waterproof, highly pigmented lip gloss that we know you’ll agree is good enough to eat! It’s available in 10 gorgeous nude to vibrant shades.

Malie Mango Butter Bun ($40 – $55) is heat-activated by your shower’s steam and warm water. It melts into a luxurious, skin soothing, glow-inducing body moisturizer so you won’t even have to hydrate your skin after you step out of the shower. It’s formulated with cocoa butter and Vitamin E  as well as the skin soothing and nourishing fat of the mango seed to moisturize and protect skin with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Rituals XL Mandi Lulur Candle ($55), a super-sized limited edition candle is scented with exotic Frangipani flowers, known to bring about feelings of joy. This precious, special ingredient is often used in aromatherapy to calm and relax as well as rejuvenate the mind and body. For an escape, simply light the candle, close your eyes and breathe.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Butter ($21), part of the brand’s new limited edition collection, will have you feeling like you’re on the beach sipping a cocktail in next to no time. It’s made up of a blend of zesty lime extracts, fresh crushed mint from the Caribbean and fair trade shea butter from Ghana for a lightweight, skin softening body treatment. Since it’s a limited edition you might want to stock up now to get you through the cooler months as well. Sample sizes also available.

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