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06-21-11 | Posted by

For the first time in 23 years, the FDA has approved a new treatment for female pattern hair loss – the HairMax Laser Comb Lux9, manufactured by Lexington Intl, LLC, which uses low level laser energy to stimulate dormant and active hair follicles. The company has similar devices for men, but this is the first time one has been approved to treat female Androgenic Alopecia.

The last treatment to receive FDA approval for female hair loss was minoxidil in 1988 – you may know this as Rogaine for Women. The HairMax is now the first home-use  medical device cleared to treat the estimated 80 million men and women suffering from hereditary hair loss.

“In the past, women had only one FDA approved drug ingredient to treat their hair loss. Now they have a clinically proven viable alternative. Upon review of Lexington’s extensive clinical studies on female hair loss, the FDA has granted clearance to this exciting new treatment option. I believe the HairMax will be able to offer help to the millions of women suffering from hair loss,” stated Dr. Matt Leavitt, medical advisor to Lexington.

As with most DIY devices, the treatment requires a major time commitment. You must use the Laser Comb for 11 minutes, three times a week. But the clinical results are encouraging. In a double blind study, women using the HairMax Lux 9 grew an average of 20.5 hairs per square centimeter in six months. Over 70% of the women reported improvement in thickness and fullness of their hair – without side effects.

The theory is that low level laser energy ultimately increases metabolic energy, promotes microcirculation and stimulates cell proliferation. For more information, visit hairmax.com.

For more info on hairloss in women, rogaine.com/women/understanding-hair-loss

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