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03-22-17 | Posted by

When you want to plump up lines and furrows or restore facial volume that’s declined with age, look no further than hyaluronic acid (HA). A naturally-occurring component of our skin, this skin-rejuvenating molecule is capable of holding 1,000 times its weight in water, making it a superior hydrator when injected into the skin or slathered on it. Whether you want to start slow or hit the doctor’s office ASAP, here’s your guide to hopping on the HA bandwagon.

The mist: Skin Inc. Pure Serum-Mist ($55)
Packed with low molecular weight HA (i.e. smaller molecules that have an easier time getting into the skin), moisture-holding humectants and mineral-rich Onsen water, this multitasking facial mist hydrates and soothes all skin types on contact. Ideal for instantly improving dryness, redness and itching as it boosts radiance, it’s basically the cure-all for winter skin.


The serum: Fullfill Hyaluronic Acid Topical Wrinkle Filler ($89)
Crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, lip lines and smile lines have met their match in this supercharged HA serum. Designed to plump up these problem spots instantly and re-volumize skin over time, this serum uses a proprietary delivery system to usher injectable-sized HA particles into the skin without the injection.


The eye treatment: SkIN3 Rapid Eye Restore ($100)
Developed by West Palm Beach board-certified plastic surgeon Mark Pinsky, MD, FACS, this super-hydrating eye cream is loaded with their proprietary DermaTriPlex Technology that combines hyaluronic acid, TruCollagen and a Novasome delivery system plus a slew of other anti-aging ingredients. Unlike any other topical product, skIN3 delivers filler – like cross linked HA molecules to the skin.  Clinical studies have proven it reduces fine lines and deeper wrinkles while dramatically increasing hydration and tightening up slack skin.


The faux-filler kit: Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Replenishing Treatment ($150-$175)
Looks may be deceiving, but after using Fillerina for 14 days, the results are not. Complete with a syringe-like applicator and vials, this two-step treatment first uses the Replenishing Gel to “fill” lines and furrows before the Nourishing Film seals in the plumping HA. Available in three “grades” designed to address mild, moderate and severe signs of aging, each two-week regimen can yield wrinkle-smoothing results that last for up to three months.


The injectable fillers: Volbella, Restylane, Refyne, Defyne
The trend in injectable hyaluronic acid fillers is specialization. What started as one-size-fits-all Restylane and Juvéderm has given way to products geared toward specific areas and concerns. Case in point, Restylane Silk and Volbella… Featuring small particles of HA that are better suited for fine lines and superficial injections, these products have become the go-to for subtle, natural-looking lip enhancement. And just last month, Restylane Refyne and Defyne received FDA approval for the treatment of moderate to severe nasolabial folds, or laugh lines. With so many injectable HA options, doctors can truly customize treatment for each patient and use the ideal formulation to achieve optimal results.

The add-on: Simply Venom ($59-$69)
Dermatologists and plastic surgeons often recommend an injectable toxin like Botox or Dysport in conjunction with HA fillers for maximum wrinkle-smoothing. Designed to mimic the effects of its injectable counterparts, Simply Venom offers day and night creams that contain a complex of peptides that produce muscle-relaxing results over time minus the needle.



NOTE: Fulfill, sKIN3, and Simply Venom were provided for review. All other products were purchased or sampled in store. Opinions are my own.

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