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Despite the small amount of facial real estate consumed by the chin, it can be a disproportionate source of beauty stress at any age. Perhaps the most common concern is a double chin, and according to  Park Avenue facial plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono, “Excess fat deposits beneath the chin can occur in women and men, creating an undesirable contour or making the neck appear to hang.”

And since Dr. Jacono has brought our necks into the fray, there are a variety of age-related issues there, too. “If there is loosening of the platysma muscles in the neck, vertical bands appear to protrude from the skin. This can be corrected a variety of ways, including Botox, if not severe,” he explains. But as with just about every other area of the body, Dr. Jacono emphasizes, “If a patient has an excessive amount of hanging skin, a neck lift may be suggested.”

From stubborn fat beneath that just won’t budge to skin laxity that extends along the jawline and further south, there are a slew of solutions ranging for topical to surgical—and here’s a definitive list of chin- (and neck-) changing options.

Faux: Dr. Jart Dermask Neck & Chin Lift ($12 for two)
Specially designed to help restore a more youthful appearance to the contours of the chin, jawline, and neck, this hydrogel mask is infused with collagen and adenosine to help tighten, firm and plump the skin while fighting the effects of gravity. It also provides an acupressure effect for extra lift and with loops that go around your ears to help hold it in place, you can go about your business without worrying about it slipping and sliding around.


Faux: Revision Nectifirm Advanced ($128)
If you’re looking to address an array of chin and neck concerns (i.e. fine lines, wrinkles, rough texture, crepey skin, a double chin, etc.), then this high-tech anti-aging serum is for you. With a combination of eight peptides that target the skin’s underlying support structure, brightening diglucosyl gallic acid, lingonberry extract to boost the skin’s own antioxidant system, red microalgae extract for a firming and lifting effect, and everlasting flower for enhanced radiance, you’re one step away from tucking the turtlenecks away.


Pro: Coolsculpting
The technology that essentially jump-started the non-invasive fat-melting craze, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells to permanently destroy them, with visible results in less than a month (although a series of treatments is usually recommended). Originally designed for larger areas like the abdomen, CoolSculping now offers the more targeted CoolMini treatment for smaller pockets of fat like those under the chin thanks to a smaller handpiece. It’s important to keep in mind that this treatment is only effective on fat—not loose tissue—so it’s best to seek the advice of an experienced physician to determine the best treatment approach for your individual concerns.


Pro: Kybella
As the only injectable solution for eliminating unwanted fat, Kybella represents a whole new way to permanently improve the appearance of a double chin. Offering dramatic results without surgery (although significant swelling and numbness are common side effects after treatment), this fat-melting drug dissolves stubborn fat for good after a series of up to three sessions.


Pro: Botox
Visible vertical bands on the neck can become more prominent over time, and Botox injections can help minimize their appearance. This off-label use has become increasingly common and is often recommended in conjunction with facial injections for comprehensive rejuvenation.

Pro: Necklift surgery
To improve the appearance of advanced signs of neck aging such as jowls, stubborn fat and a “turkey wattle,” surgical intervention is often in order. Neck lift surgery tightens lax muscles and removes excess skin through incisions under the chin and/or behind the ears—and this procedure is often combined with liposuction or a facelift for optimal results.

Neck lift performed by Dr. Andrew Jacono


NOTE: All products were purchased or sampled in store. All opinions are my own.

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