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BODY 2013, now in its fifth year, is the sister conference to FACE, which is the UK’s largest scientific conference on facial aesthetics. Held at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London, BODY attracts a faculty of international speakers on every aspect of body treatments, from surgery post massive weight loss, breast lifting, and traditional liposuction to non-surgical body shaping and fat and cellulite reduction. So if you want to get a handle on what is on the market that melts, freezes, and pulverizes fat deposits and dimples, BODY is right up your alley.

Almost 200 plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, dermatologists, and aesthetic nurses attended this year’s BODY, which welcomed an international faculty from the US, Italy, the Emirates, France, Ireland, Norway, Spain, and all over the UK. There were several live surgical demonstrations and case presentations from the London Wellbeck Hopsital on the two-day agenda. Professor Luiz Toledo, originally from Sao Paulo and now practicing in Dubai, demonstrated his personal technique for fat transfer for buttock augmentation, better known in the vernacular as the “Brazilian butt lift.”

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The last decade has witnessed new and effective options for fat reduction, cellulite treatments, skin tightening, hair removal, and décolletage and hand rejuvenation. Almost anything that can be done to improve the face is now being practiced below the neck as well. Some of the hot technologies that attracted major buzz at BODY 2013 were radiofrequency, ultrasound, and cryolipolysis or fat freezing, all of which continue to expand the category with new and improved variations. Non-surgical technologies featured included Coolsculpting® from Zeltiq, CoolTech® Fat Cooling, VelaShape® III, UltraShape V3, a new ultra-fast spot size for the Gentle Pro lasers from Syneron-Candela, Vanquish™ and Exilis™ from BTL Aesthetics, Lipsonix® from Solta Medical, Cellulaze® and Picosure® lasers from Cynosure-Palomar, i-LipoXcell from Chromogenex™, LipoGlaze by LoveLite, Proshock Ice Fat and Cellulite Removal by ProXpert, 3D-lipo, SweatX from Alma Lasers for hyperhidrosis, Ultherapy®, the InMode multimodality platform from Invasix®, and Lipotripsy Radial Wave Therapy for Cellulite. The program also included 10 hands-on exhibitor workshops featuring leading practitioners.

London and Athens plastic surgeon Alex Karidis, speaking about the new Syneron Velashape III that was introduced at BODY 2013 in the UK, had this to say; “VelaShape III has many improvements over previous versions, most notably that there is much less treatment time needed for multiple treatments. It has a built in temperature control and you get a more consistent delivery of energy. You will get some skin tightening in addition from the radiofrequency energy. I also like Velshape III after liposuction to treat pre-existing cellulite and to improve skin tone, and for post liposuction contour irregularities.“

There was a robust panel debate on, “What is the best approach to treating cellulite?” featuring four UK practitioners: Drs. Hassan Shaaban, Askari Townshend, Alex Karidis, and Phillippe Hamida-Pisal. UK Consultant Plastic Surgeon Miles Berry presented an update on the PIP breast implant, which has had a significant impact across the EU and has terrified women about their breast implants. He noted that the problems associated with the PIP implants were alarming. In the case of implant rupture, explantation or implant removal is recommended and the occurrence of ruptures is reported to be much higher with PIP implants than with other breast implants.

Luiz Toledo, an internationally acclaimed plastic surgeon considered to be one of the fathers of modern liposuction techniques, has served as a professional photographer and writer contributing to Brazilian VOGUE and other fashion magazines. In a special evening presentation, Toledo walked the audience through his family background while growing up in Brazil, to his career in plastic surgery that spans four decades and two continents. He began his career in Sao Paulo assisting Dr. William Callia, who was the inventor of a horizontal abdominoplasty technique. In 1980, Toledo heard a lecture from Dr. Yves Illouz, the French surgeon who invented liposuction, at a Brazilian congress. In 1982, he started doing liposuction himself. In 1985, he began to do fat grafting to the face and the body, and in 1989, his signature technique, syringe liposuction was born. His Dubai office, located at the Medical Arts Clinic receives patients from around the world, and he continues to serve on the Education Council of ISAPS.,

To round out the program, the second day of the conference focused on commonly annoying aesthetic conditions such as leg veins, hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, tattoo removal, hair removal, cellulite, and stretch marks.

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