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05-09-12 | Posted by

Fashion Empress Vera Wang has dipped her chic toe in many a water: clothing, wedding gowns, china, sunglasses and now…cosmetics. Her 74- piece Simply Vera Vera Wang color cosmetics collection launched in Kohl’s recently, and contains the usual suspects and a few other trendy items.

Among the cosmetics are a Skin Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer ($39.50), an Illuminating Powder Blush ($19.50), a Lash Enhancing Serum ($29.50), as well as mascaras, pressed powder, lip liner, an illuminating concealer  and smoothing lip colors. One product, the Soothing Balm ($18.50) is more a skincare and body care offering, promising hydration anywhere you feel chapped, from elbows and hands to knees and face.

The Smooth Shine Lip Glosses ($18.50) offer a shimmering quality, and a pop of color which, according to Wang, is a gorgeous way to “to let your natural beauty shine through.” In shades from a light peach to mocha, the glosses promise high shine and color that lasts for hours with “no sticky residue.” The ingredients are designed to improve skin tone and texture while while providing buildable coverage. So too with the lightweight primers, tinted moisturizers, and powders. The glosses are not tacky – which is a nice surprise – but of course they don’t last “for hours” as the brand claims. The colors are quite sheer, so if you want a deeper shade, layer the glosses with lipsticks.

Simply Vera Vera Wang cosmetics are a partnership with Estee Lauder-owned Beauty Bank, but the prices are not Kohl’s prices: they’re a bit more high end. The colors are frankly more suited for paler skin tones, not darker skin types, so we’re not sure about the target demographic of this collection.

While I would definitely stock up more esoteric items like the Lash Enhancing Serum and Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, I am hoping to soon see more options for darker complexions. In the future, we may see different formulations in the lip glosses (not just the frosty, shimmering variety) and lipsticks, since Ms. Wang as we all know, is full of innovation and creativity.

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