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Photo Credit: sephora.com


09-17-12 | Posted by

Feeling a little feisty this fall? Express your animal instincts with one of the newest beauty trends—animal prints. That’s right: animal prints are marking their territory everywhere from nail art to eye treatments. Check out these ferociously fun products, which will have you roaring with delight.

Ease into the trend with the Dior Fall Look Jungle Palette in Golden Browns ($70.00). This cohesive palette contains a trio of matte, satin, and iridescent eye shadows in warm, jungle-inspired golden browns. Apply this exotic combination to your lids to produce a beautiful bronze eye that is perfect for fall. The palette also includes a nude lip gloss to compliment the golden brown eye shadow.

Photo Credit: sephora.com

Too Faced Cosmetics is also harnessing the power of prints this fall with its Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder ($29.00). This powder combines shades of golden bronze, golden pink, and neutral fawn (arranged in a leopard-esque pattern) in order to mimic the appearance of naturally sun-kissed skin. Summer may be over, but Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder will keep your skin bright and glowing all through the fall.

Eye Majic Leopard Eye Shadow ($3.49 for a set of two) calls itself “instant eye shadow.” It’s actually an animal print graphic that has been pre-applied to an easy-to-use applicator. With one simple swipe, you can coat your lids with a wild, spotted design. The best part? With the variety of eye shadow patterns that Eye Majic offers, you can explore the whole jungle—the treatment is available in a herd of patterns including “Eye of the Tigress,” “Pink Panther,” and “Snow Leopard.”

Sephora Animal Print Nail Art

Photo Credit: sephora.com

Finally, nails (or talons as the case may be) go wild this fall as well. Check out Sephora Collection Nail Patch Art ($5.00) – adhesive, nail-sized patches decorated with bright, fun patterns. You can really go wild with the animal prints here; Nail Patch Art comes in “Rrrrrr” (a cheetah print) and “Leopard Rocks!”

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