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Posted by 10.09.08




LA PRAIRIE SKIN CAVIAR CONCEALER FOUNDATION SPF15 – LP’s signature silver jar with heavenly coverage for flawless skin. The creamy foundation is light reflecting and the color stays true all day long. The creamy concealer is hidden in the cap. As always, LP’s color palette is stunning and looks so natural and hides all your flaws (not that you have any to hide of course…..). This is a truly superior formulation. Expensive ($170) but worth it for a great product that suits your skin. Now in expanded shades include sunlit and deeper choices.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (Gotta Get It)! – If you are a compact foundation wearer, it does not get better than this. If you’re not, try it and you may be a convert.

2 Responses to “FACING FLAWLESS”

  1. KurmanAhlabm Says:

    Hi there!
    My first post at this great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. pearlpower Says:

    I got this at Nordstroms and it is luxurious. I wish they made a refill for the concealer though. I ran out faster than the liquid part.

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