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03-27-11 | Posted by

Meet the Hair Guru of Brooklyn Heights

A native of Italy, Fabio Scalia brings a wealth of global expertise to his popular hair salon in Brooklyn Heights, New York. Prior to opening the salon in 2003, Fabio trained with some of the best hair establishments in Europe, including Vidal Sassoon London and Jacques Dessange Paris. In New York he worked at the Legendary Warren Tricomi before opening his own establishment. At the tender age of 32, Fabio Scalia has left an indelible mark on the world of beauty, including runway looks, having lead backstage teams at Narciso Rodriguez, Betsey Johnson and Catherine Malandrino shows in New York. He believes that beauty lies in order and proportion but not in perfection. Continue reading for BITB’s exclusive interview with Brooklyn’s Height’s stylist extraordinaire.


 Tell us a bit about your background. How did you discover your talent for hair?

I’ve worked in hair salons since age 13 and people began to request my opinion early on regarding their hair. At first, I began washing hair but soon became highly sought after for my advice. I knew I had something special when I was able to help people find the look best for them. The feedback I got was very positive from clientele so I got more responsibility quite early. It was then that I realized I had a talent for this.

Do you have a specialty?

I would say makeovers are my specialty; I really have a knack for finding the hidden beauty in anyone and finding ways to bring it out. Every single person has beautiful, unique features and unfortunately many of those are sometimes impeded by bad or inappropriate haircuts and styles. When I get a new client, I really take the time to view them as a person, all of their physical attributes and personal style. I have a discerning eye for bringing out the very best aesthetically in people who I style.

What are your tips for styling fine hair?

If you have thin hair, be sure to use a targeted product – you can’t just use anything. When cutting, stylists have to go step-by-step in small sections. When styling, you’ve got to use small brushes to give volume; it’s all about geometry really. Also, regarding short fine hair, you need to take particular care to ensure that it’s not cut too short otherwise it can show through and appear even thinner. You also can’t use any products that are too wet because it will weigh the hair down – a pomade really works best. Fine hair also needs to be cut more often.

What new styles for the winter season do you find exciting?  What about spring?

Hair follows fashion, so we approach styles in the same manner. It really depends on the person and their personal style. However in winter, it’s more about waves and high ponies, which allow for a stylized look that keep their sleekness due to the season’s low humidity. For the Spring and Summer, it’s about long waves that will retain their shape when they hit frizz – it’s just more free ‘interactive’ hair.

What hair trends are happening on the runway?

The styles depend on the designer. It’s either very natural or over-the-top commercial. Generally though, only some women even dare pulling off the editorial looks that they see on the runways because they’re so over-the-top; some of those looks are left best for the catwalk. Some more natural styles do make it to Main Street, though, as a particular shape that catches on. I’d say that if you see something on stage, you’ll see people wearing it on the street two to three years later.

Do you have any product tips for keeping hair conditioned during the cold months?

My recommendation is Kerastase Elixir Ultine oil. Use it before or after styling for a perfect finish. It’s a great pre-conditioner and we use it at the salon often, it’s fabulous! In general, I think Kerastase products are wonderful. Also, lately, we’ve been using a new Shu Uemura shampoo and a conditioning product that really helps with the health and manageability of hair. Plus it smells absolutely divine.

What treatments really intrigue you right now?

A favorite new treatment that I do at my salon is a special gloss that completely enhances, refreshes and revitalizes color treated hair without the cost, time, and money required for a full color treatment. It gives instant dimension to old color, and instantly refreshes. Also, it doesn’t add pigment, just enhances sheen and color without the client having to spend a couple of hours at the salon for an entire color treatment.

It’s great for after vacation fixes for brassy locks. Plus, it’s not permanent; it just opens up the hair cuticles and really works.

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