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05-11-11 | Posted by

Photo Credit: Bloomingdales.com

Everything about Sisley Cosmetics entices me – its French history, its expertise, its quality, it’s botanical meets science philosophy. But when a moisturizer can run between $200 and $450, you really want to try before you buy. Enter the complimentary Sisley facial at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street in New York City.

The facial is totally free and serves two purposes – one to introduce newbies like me to the brand, and two to serve as a diagnostic tool for regular Sisley users.

I met with aesthetician Lana Bakman, who immediately put me at ease and impressed me with her years of experience and complete familiarity with the product line.

I received the basic facial, which Lana recommends for first time clients. Her diagnosis for me was extreme dehydration plus luck, that is, I have strong, clear skin thanks to the genes contributed by my parents.

The facial proceeded with cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing mask, steaming and too many restorative creams to count. One definite product ended up on my wish list: Hydra Flash, Intensive Formula ($198), formulated with natural molecules, extracts (rice, sesame) and essential oils (marjoram, rosewood) to provide powerful and durable moisturizing benefits.

I left with a bag full of samples to determine which items I really couldn’t live without. I will be back, particularly for another facial. If you want to do the same, call the Sisley counter at Bloomingdale’s, 212 705 3790 to make an appointment. For more information about the facial and other promotions, go to at http://www.facebook.com/sisleyusa?sk=app_210750002269895

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