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Photo Credit: Estee Lauder


08-07-13 | Posted by

The Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair collection is surely one of the cult classics of anti-aging skincare. With 25+ patents and patents pending worldwide, this hero brand has gained millions of loyal fans since the original was born, over three decades ago. It continues to be Estee Lauder’s number 1 serum across the globe, and it is definitely not just used for nighttime anymore. Diehard ANR aficionados use these concentrated formulas all over their face during the day, as well as the neck and decollete, and of course the eyelid area.

The newest evolution of the ground-breaking serum is Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II ($62 for 1.0 oz and $92 for 1.7 oz). This updated Advanced Night Repair addresses all key signs of visible aging, with innovative repair technology for nighttime repair.  The scientific research supporting the new formulation focuses on catabolysis in skin, a natural nighttime purification process vital to younger-looking skin.

But this new development rests on years of advancement.

In 1982, Estée Lauder launched its first innovative night treatment Night Repair Cellular Recovery Complex. It is the first product developed to help skin repair and recover from the visible effects of environmental assaults. A groundbreaking discovery of working in sync with the skin’s own natural process and circadian rhythms, repairing the signs of aging during sleep.

Almost a decade later, in 1991, Estée Lauder reformulated Night Repair with proprietary antioxidant technologies to help boost skin’s natural renewal process and ability to recover from damage and repair the visible signs of aging overnight. Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex was born.

2002 brought us the first ANR product just for eyes,  Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion ($62), followed by the introduction of Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex ($55). ANR Eye Serum and Eye Synchronized Complex are still among Estée Lauder’s bestsellers. As a devoted fan of ANR, I must confess that the Eye Recovery Complex has always been my personal favorite.  So much so, that when I first tried it, I traded up and started using it all over my face and neck instead of the serum. The lovely gelee texture was more pleasant to apply somehow.

In 2009, Estée Lauder’s continuous research in genetic aging led to the launch of Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex. Formulated with exclusive Chronolux Technology that synchronizes clock genes in skin cells and ensures optimal natural repair, it reduces signs of aging and repairs the appearance of past damage caused by major environmental assault. It also neutralizes free radicals and locks in moisture. Advanced Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Boosting Treatment is the most precious ANR product in the range at $95.

ANR’s patents will still be valid until 2021.


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