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05-18-13 | Posted by

Customization is the name of the game for beauty this year and nail care is no different. Whether you have fragile, split, short, or strong nails, Essie has a top coat, base coat, and treatment plan that targets your specific need.

Pick and choose from the Essie Everyday, Anti-Aging, Strong and Grow ranges to create a personalized nail regimen.

Essie Specialized Base and Top Coats

The Everyday collection is suitable for all nail types and includes All in One Topcoat, Apricot Cuticle Oil, First Base Base Coat and Good to Go topcoat. Personally, I love All in One, a combo base coat, top coat, and nail strengthener. I keep it on my bathroom shelf as a handy nail fix when I’m on the go and need a speedy touch up. When I use it, my manicure does indeed last for at least a good week without chipping. For the complete treatment, apply Apricot Cuticle Oil first for soft and nourished cuticles. First Base Base Coat contains rubberized adhesives to make your nail polish stick, and Good to Go top coat dries like a breeze to give you a finishedlook touch.

The Anti-Aging category is highly specialized, and yes there’s a way to fight aging of your nails. Fill the Gap is formulated to visibly sculpt and plump nails for younger looking hands, and contains nutra-keratin and bamboo extracts. Follow it with Ridge Filling Base Coat, which will smooth out ridges and discoloration and create a perfect canvas for nail lacquer.

The Strong lineup works to nourish nails and prevent them from chipping and breaking. The collection comprises Grow Stronger and my personal favorite Millionails, which basically gives you “bullet proof” nails. Formulated with iron, amino acids and kevlar, each bottle contains 1 million fast acting molecules to help resist peeling and splitting for visibly stronger nails.

The Grow category aims to help nails grow stronger and more beautiful thanks to two product stars: Grow Faster protects and prevents breakage, and No Chips Ahead promotes long lasting color with an extended wear color shield that prevents fading and chipping.

It’s time to put the spotlight on primers and nourishment for nails. With all these base and top coats retailing for $8-$10 a piece, you’ll never have a bad nail day again.



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