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08-17-12 | Posted by

Sometimes a good peel is just what you need to perfect your skin. They are great for sun damage, skin tone, lines and wrinkles. Enter the new LACM Cool Peels from Environ, the skincare company founded by South African plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes.

Formulated with lactic acid that is unbuffered, the Cool Peels are cream based and come in 4 different strengths from subtle to strong. “They are recommended for treatment of sun damage, uneven skin tone or texture, fine lines and problematic skin conditions,” said Carol Trow; B.Sc., RN and co-owner of DermaConcepts, the U.S. distributor of Environ products. The recommended peel strength depends upon the skin condition being addressed.

LACM 1 (2.5% concentration) and LACM 2 (5%) are designed for professional use by an esthetician or nurse under a doctor’s supervision.

LACM 3 (7.5%) and LACM 4 (10%) are formulated for physician use only. They can also be applied by a qualified person designated by the doctor and under his/her supervision.

In addition to the various strengths, the frequency of use also varies. “Depending on the condition being addressed and the individual skin type and strength of the peel being used, the peels can be used daily (lower levels), weekly, or monthly,” stated Ms. Trow. If you are returning for a follow up peel, make sure your skin has stopped peeling or reacting from the first one.

In order to get the best results, Ms. Trow recommends patients prepare their skin by using a vitamin A, retinol or Retin-A product for 3 to 6 weeks prior to having a peel. She also recommends using a vitamin C cream. After the peel, it is okay to resume using a vitamin A-based moisturizer.

For doctors and aestheticians, Environ has also launched a new Neutralizing Peel Cleanser, which has the advantage of neutralizing and cleaning the skin in one step. It’s an easy-to-use neutralizing gel cleanser, formulated to deactivate AHA peeling agents to stop the peeling action immediately while soothing the skin post peel as well as cleaning and degreasing the skin effectively.

If you are considering having a peel, ask your aesthetician or doctor if they use the LACM products. The cost of a LACM peel is roughly $50 to $250 depending upon where you live and who administers the treatment.

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