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Meet the Hair Restoration Maven

Founder, CEO and client of LeMetric Hair Center INC, Ellen Surianello was diagnosed with Androgentic Alopecia years before she patented her handmade, chemical free LeMetric Hair System and opened the LeMetric Center  headquarters in New York City. The story goes: back in the 90s Ladies’ Home Journal ran a 4-page spread on her condition, which led to an influx of 9,000 phone calls from women eager for more information.  Elline’s message of empowerment is a welcome one for the estimated 30 million women in the U.S. with hereditary hair loss (American Academy of Dermatology) and the many others who experience hair thinning and similar concerns.


What causes hair loss in women?

Common causes of hair loss among women include: a genetic predisposition (such as alopecia), severe stress or trauma (such as divorce/death), autoimmune disorders (such as lupus or diabetes), post-pregnancy (hormonal changes), malnutrition (such as eating disorders), medications (such as birth control or antidepressants), perimenopause, menopause, and the general effects of aging.

What is the story behind LeMetric?

LeMetric was born out of my own experience with hair loss.  I began experiencing hair thinning in my pre-teen years and by the time I was in my 20s, it was a really obvious problem, diagnosed as androgenetic alopecia.  At that time, there was very little information available about women’s hair loss and a major lack of suitable solutions.  I was frustrated that my hair didn’t match my personality or my lifestyle, and I wanted an alternative that was livable.  So, I decided to take the matter into my own hands, go public, and take women’s hair loss out of the closet.  After a surge of media coverage, I founded LeMetric Hair Center, headquartered in New York City, and began helping women all over North America with their hair loss woes.

What inspired your passion for helping women with hair loss?

Helping women with hair loss is still what makes me tick today.  Sometimes I smile when I realize that the one issue that once plagued me (hair loss) is now the same reason I get out of bed each and every morning.  It can be stressful, dealing with all these women whose emotions are running so high.  Hair is a big deal to women, it’s a huge part of our identity which makes it hard to accept change.  But when I see a woman look into the mirror, after she’s had her hair done at LeMetric for the first time, and the tears well up in her eyes because she hasn’t felt beautiful in years, that still gets me every time and makes it all worth it.

What are the traditional hair loss solutions? What are these solutions’ flaws?

Wigs are the most obvious solution. As a woman who has worn wigs, they are uncomfortable, hot, and you constantly have to worry about them coming out of place and have to miss out on a lot of activities that would be too risky in a wig.  Extensions are an option for some, but clearly, you have bald areas, there is no hair to put the extensions on.  Others might pursue medical alternatives like hair transplantation or topical solutions.  Women should consult with a dermatologist with their options for this – not all women are candidates for transplantation and not all topical solutions have long-term results. I caution women to be careful of what they are putting on and near their scalps and to make sure they fully understand all of the side effects.

How does the LeMetric system differ from traditional solutions?

The LeMetric system is one of the few made by a woman, for a woman, in the United States.  All of my hair systems are custom made, by hand, on a case-by-case basis.  Depending on the woman’s hair needs, texture, color, length, and life style, we create hand crafted pieces that integrate with the women’s existing hair.  They can be worn removable or semi-permanent and are made from all-natural human hair.


Who is a candidate for the LeMetric system? Is there anyone who this treatment would not be suitable for?

The LeMetric system is for the woman who does not like her hair the way it is to the point that it is impacting her happiness and her well-being. Whether you need a little hair or a lot, it’s for the woman who’s ready to make a change, and wants to be able to go on and live her life, go swimming, ride in a convertible, and stop obsession over whether or not a bald spot is showing.  Although I do have some patients with trichotiliomania (compulsive hair-pulling disorder), this is a condition that requires mental/behavioral help.

What are your future plans for the LeMetric Hair Center?

In my shop, I see women going through complete transformations on a daily basis.  And it’s not just their hair they are concerned about, it’s health, beauty, aging and all of the various options and choices we need to educate ourselves on.  As such, I’m in the process of starting up a new program, LeMetric presents: “Under One Roof.”  It is a collective of small business owners and consultants who have come together to share services that cater to and compliment the female client.  The purpose is to offer women an empowering community of hair, health, beauty and wellness experts, ultimately giving women a safe and comfortable destination where all of their lifestyle needs can be met.  We are still recruiting experts in the aforementioned fields, so if you’re interested, you can email us at LeMetric@AMP3pr.com.

What’s in your bag?

LIPSTICK!  I’m obsessed with lipstick and am always “putting on my lips.” So I always carry several sticks and lip liners in my bag. My favorites are Yves St. Laurent.  So: lipstick, and my cell phone!


What’s your favorite bag?

It depends on my mood, from my handbags I bought in Italy to the antique bags I bought on the streets in SoHo, to the bag that I use on the beach.  I’m more interested in the quality and how and where it was made than the name brand itself.

Are you a mom?

I do not have children but I am a maternal figure to a lot of people in my life, especially the women that come in to my shop each and every day.  Being a pioneer and a business owner is a full time job.

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