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Photo Credit: Lela Rose Hair by Ted Gibson


02-15-14 | Posted by

“Texture” has always been an it word for hair, and we’ve seen so many seasons of it: air-dried locks, nothing but a spritz of L’Oreal Elnett, and lots of volumizer (Phyto’s Volumactif is always popular) and little else will go a long way. Braids were everywhere during Fashion Week’s Autumn/Winter 2014 season. The hair trends in general veered towards wearable “street style” hair but with a bit more unexpected texture.

Here are some hair trends that truly stood out during Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2014 shows:

Braided Romantic Hair

Lela Rose’s inspiration was the world-famous chef Ferran Adria, and she used a “food as art” concept (with its emphasis on molecular gastronomy textures) translated to hair. “The economy is rebounding,” says Ted Gibson, who did the the show’s coifs in partnership with Beauty.com. “And with it we’re seeing more women taking risks, like putting leather in the hair.” Gibson created a romantic updo with twisted hair on the sides and all secured with pins. His “twist and shout” look is all about imperfect romance, using his Build It Blow Drying Agent to wet the hair, blow drying it, and twisting it on each side before braiding it at the nape. Pearl pins, which “reflect Lela Rose’s clothes” were used to secure everything in place.

Knotted Hair

Nanette Lepor hair with James Pecis for Beauty.com Fall Winter Fashionweek 2014Gypsy hair at Nanette Lepore: by James Pecis for Beauty.com

While the idea of “tying your hair up in knots may seem scary to women, it really is an easy look,” insists James Pecis, who styled hair for Nanette Lepore, with the intent of creating “gypsy traveler” look. He styled two distinct looks, using Alterna Haircare products and the latest styling tools from T3. To create the textured looks, he sprayed Alterna Bamboo Volume 48 Hour sustainable volume spray from roots to end. After using a dry shampoo, he separated hair into several sections and knotted them, securing the ends with a rubber band. For the first look, he put the knotted pieces up in an imperfect updo and secured with pins. For the second look, he focused on the front part of the hair by incorporating a braid at the forehead, which moved down to the right of the face.

Sky High Volume

Lika Nolcha Fashion Week with RUSK Fall Winter 2014Hair for Lika, styled by Gerard Caruso for RUSK

Backstage at Nolcha Fashion Week at Pier 59, RUSK Haircare created various showstopping styles using recently launched innovations, including Freezing Spray. , which features a strength complex formulated with silk proteins to keep hair in place. Lead stylist Gerard Caruso used this as a key product in creating his looks for Lika, and the end result was a futuristic voluminous updo with a hard-to-miss front pouff and a texturized back braid.

Dual Texture

Marissa Webb Fall Winter 2014 Fashion Week

At Marissa Webb, stylist Jeanie Syfu created a “dual texture” look

At Marissa Webb, it was all about a fast paced “industry girl” look: hence the effortlessly cool look with a matte texture and airy finish. TRESemmé stylist Jeanie Syfu used the TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse on damp hair and rough dried it; after parting it in sections, she used the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray on horizontal sections and wrapped hair–except the ends– around iron barrels (alternating between an inch and 1.5). After parting hair in the center, she used a flat iron from the roots to eye level and mattified the look using dry shampoo and the new illuminating shine spray from the brand’s Keratin line. The result is one of the most original pieces of textured hair I saw during Fashion Week: a look that’s simple at a glance, but not really so.

Romantic Curls

TRESemme At alice + olivia Fall 2014 Presentation

Romantic curls by Matthew Curtis for TRESemme at alice + olivia

At last, a Hollywood-worthy head of curls popped up at the alice + olivia show. The show, called “Enchanted: A Midwinter Night’s Dream,” was about Victorian vintage charm and bohemian beauty. TRESemmé global stylist Matthew Curtis envisioned voluminous brushed out and backcombed curls: the result was Barbie hair meets Greta Garbo beauty. To get the look, part the hair in the middle, curl the hair horizontally using an inch curling iron. Pin, allow to cool, and backcomb the hair with a soft bristle brush. Then spray the roots with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray and tease it into place until you get that serious volume as you can see in the photo. Don’t forget to smooth out the part and spritz with hairspray for the hold.

Gritty Chic

Jill Stuart Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 Beauty.com BackstageJames Pecis’s heavily textured look for Jill Stuart

The hair at Jill Stuart was all about texture, and the look created by James Pecis for Beauty.com was reminiscent of Taylor Momsen in Gossip Girl: irregular, easy, and untamable. He used Phyto’s Actif Volumizing Spray, saturating the roots, and blow dryin with T3’s new Featherweight Luxe 2i hairdryer using a vent brush. “Where you part your hair makes a great deal of difference,” said Pecis, who thought about a side part but went with one down the middle. Then he separated the hair in sections and used the T3 BodyWaver Large Styling Iron with a slight difference: the hair was bent in different directions, and then brushed with fingers to look not too done. Fashion Week was all about romancing the slightly partied out look—hairbrushes were nowhere to be found.



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