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03-19-13 | Posted by

Everything old is new again as the group of French restaurateurs who gave us Buddha Bar tap into the customs and culture of Tibetan Ayurveda to create their new skin care line – B/Attitude.

The line is inspired by the tenets of Buddhism including harmony and purity. It is the signature line of the Buddhattitude Spas and Buddha Bars located in Evian-les-Bains, Dubai, Doha, Dakar  and Budapest. Many of the products are made with the lotus flower, a symbol of fortune in Buddhism.

B/Attitude products fuse ancient traditions and sensory experiences to take us back to a simpler time and recreate that peaceful, easy feeling. No chanting or meditating required.

The Visage facial line includes a cleanser made with hamamelis and coriander to purify the skin and help remove makeup, a toner made with passion flower extracts, a moisturizer, and a mask made from wild marshmallow, green tea, and juniper. A 150-ml bottle of B/Attitude® Visage Cleanser retails for around $40.

The B/Attitide body line features a scrub with passion flowers, a body soufflé with the texture of whipped cream (about $37), and a body oil derived from the sacred lotus flower (about $40).

The line also includes two products based on the scents and salve of the Turkish bath or Hamam. Rhassoul is a natural Moroccan clay cleanser, which gets rid of toxins, and Savon Noir is an exfoliating soap with extracts of eucalyptus (about $27).

For now, the B/Attitude products can only be ordered on line at www.buddhabar.com.





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