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04-09-10 | Posted by


Photo Credit: duanereade.com

Duane Reade drugstores are as ubiquitous to New York City streets as Starbucks and yellow cabs, so Big Apple natives will be interested to know that today Walgreen Co. acquired our go-to pharmacy for $623 million. This news will be of particular interest to beauty junkies who turn to Duane Reade  for mass beauty, hair and skincare products, and for discounted staples like the store brand cotton balls and hand soap. But fear not, fellow shoppers! Walgreen’s current plan is to keep using the Duane Reade name on the stores, so for the moment you can count on that good old red, white and blue sign when you need some personal staples. Still, we can’t help but wonder what’s in the pipeline – new brands? larger stock? It seems that only time will tell…but we’ll keep you looped in as the story evolves. Your FlexReward points won’t work at Walgreen’s, but they continue to accrue via purchases made at Duane Reade. In case you have other pressing concerns, DR has kindly posted a short list of FAQs relevant to the merger.

Read the original article in Crain’s New York.

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