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Posted by 03.18.09


OILATUM SHOWER AND BATH OIL – As with many things cheap that I end up liking, this is a product that my husband first found.  He won’t use any sort of moisturizing lotion, but was getting dry skin in the winter.  Our family doctor suggested Oilatum.  He can use it before he gets out of the shower by just rubbing some of the oil in before towelling off.  I use this stuff in the bath with a separate bath gel – it really really softens your skin.  You need to be careful getting out of the bath as it can make your bathtub slippery.  I also use it sometimes when I am in a rush after I get out of the shower.  It doesn’t take anytime to rub in, and there isn’t a “waiting period” that you have with some higher end moisturizers.  It costs about $8, and lasts forever.
FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) Whether you are looking for something quick and easy, or something that is inexpensive that is a great moisturizer, Oilatum is a good alternative.


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  1. MWC Says:

    Go Randy! I never thought about asking a straight man for a moisturizer recommendation….but you never know.

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