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09-20-10 | Posted by

England’s Willow Water Improves Skin Quality by 24%, Study Shows.

We’ve all heard again and again that drinking water is good for you, particularly for the skin. Well, an eight week study conducted in the U.K. has demonstrated that consumption of 1.5 liters (a little more than six 8 oz. cups) of water per day can reduce wrinkles by as much as 24%.

Fifty-three men and women participated in the study. One half drank 1.5 liters a day of Willow Water, a premium brand from the Lake District in England, while the other half drank 1.5 liters of another leading mineral water.

Doctors analyzing the results after eight weeks found an average 20% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles across the entire study. Significantly, in-depth statistical analysis showed that, among women in the key 24 to 43 age group, those drinking Willow Water saw an average 24% reduction in wrinkles.

A Canfield VISIA camera and software system were used at the beginning and the end of the study to measure the total length, depth and area as well as the intensity of wrinkles.

“It’s clear from the VISIA data that regularly drinking water can promote more youthful looking skin and can improve the skin’s appearance, particularly in the case of wrinkles. In the key target group of women between the ages of 24 and 43, it also appears that drinking Willow Water has an even greater impact,” said Dr Thornton MacCallum of Cotswold Medical Aesthetic, the principal clinical investigator on the study, which was commissioned by Willow Water.

Willow Water has built up a number of celebrity fans who praise its skin-boosting properties, including Hollywood actress Emma Samms, Strictly Come Dancing star Camilla Dallerup and TV presenters Liz McClarnon and Angela Griffin.  Fans among the Coronation Street stars who have turned to Willow Water are Helen Flanagan, Brooke Vincent, Jennie McAlpine, Vicky Binns, Shobna Gulati and Michelle Keegan, who was introduced to the product by beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist Armand Beasley.

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