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Photo Credit: FlowerBeauty.com


08-15-13 | Posted by

Celebrity beauty lines are usually predictable, and often not up to snuff. Many cosmetic companies ride on the coattails of the celebrity and become advertising—not product—driven, and the result is more hype than substance.

But FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore actually hopes to change that, in a good, nourishing way. Because of Barrymore’s celebrity status, the line does not spend any money on traditional forms of advertising, but instead it channels funds into R&D and enhancing their product pipeline. Which is all a great thing.

FLOWER Beauty’s tagline, Love the Way You Look, reminds me of Tocca Beauty’s Love Yourself: the call to action to be proud of who you are and use only the best. The collection is vast with many, many SKUs (a whopping 181 to be precise) and even though the line is sold at Walmart and Walmart.com, to my mind it’s a luxury line that I can get behind.

Flower Beauty

From foundation sticks to clever brush-ended concealers, from liquid pen eyeliners to richly pigmented eyeshadows, FLOWER Beauty is extremely impressive in its formulation, which is what really mattered to us. In addition to the beautiful website, Barrymore gives some refreshing tips in the form of video tutorials. One of the latest videos, Two Minute Makeup for New Moms for her Tip Tuesday series, gives valuable advice that is great for everyone, not just moms. Barrymore does the video presentation herself and shows you what to do (moisturizer, blush, mascara, and lip crayon all cut the mustard for the new mom makeup routine).

What We Loved

If you get anything from the vast number of SKUs, do go for these products:

Foundation Skincognito Stick ($8.98):

Photo Credit: flowerbeauty.com

Photo Credit: flowerbeauty.com

This brilliant stick glides on smoothly over your face, and the best part is there’s no need for rubbing it in. It blends well and offers a matte finish that covers up nearly every dark circle, pore, and age spot. Great plus – it is translucent enough to not appear  too heavy, even though its coverage is superb.

Lighten Up Illuminating Concealer ($7.98):

Photo Credit: flowerbeauty.com

Photo Credit: flowerbeauty.com

This genius pen with a brush-like end offers you a Touche Éclat clone at Walmart prices. The concealer is released by turning the click pen at the very tip and it goes on seamlessly and lightly under the eyes to erase those dull dark circles.

Win Some, Rouge Some Crème Blush ($7.78):

Photo Credit: flowerbeauty.com

Photo Credit: flowerbeauty.com

This sponge-like crème blush gives you a powder-like finish that’s very believable. The color is not over the top and the six shades flatter most skin tones. This is one of my all-time favorite blushes.

On Your Mark Liquid Eyeliner ($6.98):

This slim eyeliner stick offers long-lasting wear and is really easy to apply. You can layer it easily and unlike most liquid liners, it is nearly full proof  to use. My only gripe was that the eyeliner ink ran out too fast…I needed to buy multiple pens to last me through a month.

Flower Beauty has 181 SKUs with more in the pipeline, and the entire list can be found on FlowerBeauty.com, which directs you to Walmart for online checkout.









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