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Dr. Sam Rizk knows a thing or two about how to fine tune any nose. He is a New York City board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in beautifying virgin noses, as well as fixing noses that have gone wrong. His desgined with a capital D offices and fully accredited surgical suite is fertile ground for many of Manhattan’s elite where he has the most state-of-the-art technology and is a bit of a tech guru himself. www.drsamrizk.com

What makes a nose look good?

The nose is the central feature of your face. If there is a difference of just a few millimetres on one side, it can affect your whole appearance. Symmetry is a critical element in creating a good looking nose.  The tip should be in good proportion to the nasal structure, and in sync with your other facial features; chin, top lip, cheeks and forehead.

Who has a great looking nose?

For guys, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Ashton Kutcher, Pierce Brosnan, Anderson Cooper, and Sean Connery have classically good bones and attractive masculine profiles. Sienna Miller, Ashley Judd, Keira Knightley, Kim Basinger, and Heidi Klum are great examples of feminine noses that women tend to point out.

Whose noses look obviously done?

The first one that comes to everyone’s mind has to be Michael Jackson, but he is really the extreme. Some very done looking noses I see are the ‘Octomom’, Ashley Tisdale, and Nancy Pelosi. We have all seen noses that are too pinched at the tip, the bridge is sloped, the tip looks twisted, indented or over resected where the nostrils appear to be too open and you can see inside. These are the telltale signs of overdone rhinoplasty, but they can all be corrected with additional surgery. There is always something that can be improved, even if we can’t make it perfect.

What makes a nose more challenging?

The most limiting factor is the skin thickness and lack of structural support of the nose. The thicker the skin, the less definition or refinement we can produce. But we can still improve these noses, just sometimes to lesser degree. On some noses, even a few milimeters of change can make the difference between a nose that is too large for your face and one that suits you well. Everyting is relative.

Is there anything non-surgical that you can do to improve a nose?

In rare cases, I may inject hyaluronic acid or another dermal filler to correct tiny defects temporarily, but I normally don’t recommend it. Quick fix rhinoplasty is not always safe or effective, and can interfere with surgery later on. I have seen too many problems from silicone and other permanent filling substances in the delicate tissues of the nose. My advice is to be very careful.



  1. foreveramber Says:

    Hes pretty cute. so is he single? LOL

  2. betteboop Says:

    and he works out! yeah!

  3. MWC Says:

    Sorry to disappoint ladies but he’s taken. There is a Mrs Rizk and she’s gorgeous. Now hands off!

  4. OMG Says:

    Sam Rizk is a fantastic nose surgeon! Highly recommended – he’s a master.

  5. luise mode Says:

    Nose surgery new york

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