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Meet New York’s Smile Expert

Regarded by many as the “Father of Aesthetic Dentistry,” Dr. Irwin Smigel put the field of Dental Aesthetics on the map when he performed a cosmetic-bonding procedure on the nationally televised TV show, That’s Incredible, in 1979. Since then, he has been at the forefront of major developments in the field from laminates to laser whitening to minimal invasive dentistry, working out of his New York City practice, which attracts many A-list patients. He is the inventor of Supersmile Intelligent Smile Care, an at-home collection of premium whitening, breath-freshening and cavity-fighting formulations designed to prolong the health and beauty of teeth. Even the Smithsonian Institution has recognized his accomplishments by paying homage to Dr. Smigel’s contributions in a permanent installation called The Smile Experience located in its National Museum of Dentistry affiliate. In addition, his alma mater, New York University of College of Dentistry, established the Smigel Prize in 2000 to honor significant contributions to the field by others throughout the world.


What makes a smile beautiful? How important is a smile to one’s overall appearance?

Whiter teeth make everyone look younger, healthier, and more alive. When you have a bright and confident smile you look better, feel better and make a stronger impression among people. Healthy teeth and gums are a sign of a healthy body.

With so many dental hygiene products on the market, what led you to create Supersmile Intelligent Smile Care? What makes Supersmile different from other brands?

I created Supersmile because despite the need, there was no at-home tooth whitening toothpaste that really worked. Unlike other whitening systems, Supersmile doesn’t compromise tooth surface or oral tissues and unlike professional bleaches, does not dehydrate tooth enamel. It whitens teeth after drinking coffee, tea or wine and is the only toothpaste clinically proven to remove stains from bonding, veneers, crowns, dentures, and braces in addition to enhancing professional bleached teeth.

What is Supersmile’s “star” product? Tell us about it.

Our Professional Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste put Supersmile on the map. It’s the #1-recommended toothpaste by cosmetic dentists, and is formulated with CALPROX® – a proprietary form of calcium peroxide that dissolves the protein pellicle on teeth to which stains, plaque and bacteria adhere. Without this clear, sticky substance to latch onto, stains are brushed away, leaving teeth noticeably cleaner, smoother and whiter.  Supersmile Professional Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste safely and effectively brightens teeth 273% better than the leading national brand.

What can people do to improve their smiles at home, and what needs to be done by a professional?

If your teeth are straight and healthy and you just want them whiter, tooth bleaching is the best option. This can be accomplished in one visit at the dental office or with products like Supersmile’s Professional Whitening System. For reasonably discolored and misaligned teeth: veneers could be a viable solution. This requires two visits. The first visit is to prepare the teeth, take impressions and the second to insert the veneers. Varying with the dentist/technician technique, this could take 3 days or up to two weeks.

How has aesthetic dentistry changed in the past 30 years?

The advent of bonding made the public aware that dentistry could be an aesthetic modality. It was followed by veneers, cosmetic treatments, and at-home whitening. Today cosmetic treatments are no longer just for celebrities or the very wealthy. They are common among mainstream society. Procedures today are also more comfortable and convenient for patients.

What are the most harmful things people do to their smile?

The most harmful things that people can do are avoid/neglect regular dental checkups and cleanings.

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