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07-27-13 | Posted by

Today, it’s all about Alphabet City when it comes to your beauty regimen: BB, CC, and even DD Creams.

Dr. Dennis Gross of DG Skincare doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to his products and formulations: from the Vitamin D Serum to the new CC Cream, his product creations stem from his practice and are always innovative and bar-raising in all aspects. So, when we heard of Dr. Dennis Gross Color Correction Cream SPF 18 debut ($36), we had to try it

DG Skincare Color Correction cream offers seamless coverage and is light enough to enjoy wearing in the summer. It offers several nice to have features: coverage, anti-aging benefits, and a breathable and natural-looking formula. While many CC Creams were created to address the issues of color and undertones, Dr. Gross’s cream addresses SPF protection as well as anti-aging. Formulated with antioxidants and vitamins C and E to increase the production of collagen, this CC Cream is thick but goes on sheer, and masks everything from dark spots to age spots.

The CC Cream also contains avobenzone and octinoxate that shield skin from sun damage. For those with drier complexions, the hyaluronic acid of the CC Cream adds a comfortable moisturizing component. Some CC creams have a exfoliation component, but Dr. Gross’s CC Cream is more for color correction, anti aging, and moisturization than for renewing skin cell turnover.

Why we Loved It

Many CC creams come in two formulations: light and dark (or light and medium). DG Skincare’s CC Cream comes in four shades: Fair, Light to Medium, Medium Peachy Beige, and Medium Dark/Neutral Tan. But apart  from the color selections, the coverage of this cream is light and non greasy, but yet manages to erase dark spots, aging spots, and everything else in between.

The hydration factor of the CC Cream is excellent—one of the best we’ve tried (the other incredible CC Cream with hydrating components out there is Clinique CC Cream Hydrating Color Corrector). This is definitely one of the best CC creams on the market and a great alternative to your regular foundation.


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