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07-31-12 | Posted by

Packing right and light is the secret to successful traveling, especially in the summer when airports and train stations are flooded with resort bound vacationers. We know all too well that beauty products deemed essential can take up precious space. After all, with the airport restrictions on liquids, gels, and lotions, how do you justify bringing your entire toiletry regimen and still have room for clothes? To lighten your beauty load—and your luggage—here are some products that are great multi-taskers. Now you can laugh in the face of the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule!


Photo Credit: elizabetharden.com

Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream ($19.50) – This 1.7 oz. skin protectant soothes and moisturizes sun-burnt skin, rehydrates chapped lips, and heals rough elbows and calluses. Used in infinite ways, this cream also protects your skin from drying wind and retains moisture when your skin gets too dry from sun exposure or air conditioning. Makeup artists have been using it worldwide to add shine to clients’ eyelids, cheeks, lips, and legs and a tiny dab on the eyebrows to smooth and create defined arches that will stay in place all day. Feet, legs, and nails also get attention: the cream softens rough, dry cuticles and heels as well as calms irritation, reduces redness, and leaves legs smooth and soft after a shave or wax treatment.

Photo Credit: drugstore.com

Pond’s Clean Sweep Cleansing and Makeup Remover Towelettes Travel Size ($2.99) – These soft and silky towelettes contain a hypoallergenic combination of chamomile and green tea to gently wipe away dirt and makeup as it exfoliates your skin. When you unfold the sheet, it deep cleans and unclogs your pores, lifting dirt, impurities, and residue while leaving your skin healthy-looking, and clean.

Photo Credit: esteelauder.com

Estée Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Release Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($45) – This 1.7 oz. tinted sheer moisturizer evens out any skin tone while delivering advanced protection we’ve grown to love from Lauder’s DayWear franchise such as visibly reducing initial signs of aging like dullness and fine, dry lines as well as protection from the sun with advanced broad-spectrum sunscreen. Since it is made with an all-day super anti-oxidant complex including vitamins C and E as well as Eukarion and EGT, the moisturizer fights free radical sun damage as well as prevents future damage from happening. With a crisp cucumber scent, it is definitely a welcome pick-me-up after a long plane ride.

Photo Credit: neosporinfirstaid.com

Neosporin Neo To Go! Single-Use Packets ($6.49) – These pocket-sized packets of Neosporin make it easy to protect yourself from infections wherever your travels take you. Flat and sturdy, they can be carried in your pocket, wallet, or toiletry bag, leaving suitcase space for bulkier bottles and jars. Not only does this first aid, antibiotic ointment kill many types of infectious bacteria, the easy-to-open packets are also great for blisters when you’re standing and sprinting too long in heels. In a pinch, they can work as a cuticle softener as well.

Photo Credit: philipb.com

Philip B Scent of Santa Fe Hair and Body Shampoo ($10) РParaben and phthalate free, this daily shampoo and body wash combines a mixture of shea butter and panthenol (vitamin B5) to soothe and cleanse. Safe for color-treated hair, the naturally antibacterial botanical essences gently cleans away dirt and impurities without stripping your color. This 2 oz. bottle of shampoo contains 10% pure plant extracts of pi̱on, sage, and juniper berry, leaving a gentle fragrant essence of Santa Fe.


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