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10-02-16 | Posted by

Professional-basketball-player-turned-celebrity-trainer Holly Rilinger has pretty close to a cult-like following among Manhattan’s fitness elite.

The Nike Master Trainer’s Flywheel class is known as a high-octane, fun-filled workout with some motivational words (just say yes!) and great tunes sprinkled in (think Wyclef Jean’s Stripper). As one long-time disciple says: “She works you hard and you like it.” (Tip: if you want to give her class a spin, sign up early as it fills up super quickly.)

If her name sounds familiar but you’ve never taken her class, its’ likely because she also starred on Bravo’s Work Out New York.

Rilinger talked to Beauty in The Bag after hosting a cycling event at Flywheel to launch Bic’s new Soleil Shine Razor. Here’s what we learned.


 1. Tell us something you do everyday to look as good as you feel?

I teach at least two FLYWHEEL indoor cycling classes six days a week.  These classes make me feel AND look good. The best part about indoor cycling is that you walk away with a great workout behind you and a clear head. There’s something about the music and bike that lets you leave your day behind you!

2. What is the one beauty product/tool you wouldn’t want to live without?

I love my Bic Soleil Shine Razor.  It would be HELL to be on a desert island without a razor. This particular razor has five flexible blades and gives me a lasting smooth shave.

3. Any motivational tips to get someone moving?

You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. Find a reason bigger than this very moment. When we are driven by passion there is purpose. Connect to that feeling, make a decision and take that first step. There is tremendous power in first steps!

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