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Soon after arriving in the United States from Italy, Umberto Savone attended beauty school and began cutting hair in New York City. He soon opened up a makeup/clothing/hair salon — a very cutting edge concept at the time — in Syracuse, NY and finally headed west to Los Angeles, California, where he now caters to clientele at his two Beverly Hills salons. A defining moment for Savone and his salon occurred in 1982. He knew that he and his team were well on their way when The Los Angeles Times wrote about the best haircutter in Los Angeles…Savone.  Then, Time Magazine followed it up with a story about him as well.

His haircare expertise and styling techniques continue to make him an on-demand expert for celebrities and “real” women alike and he’s also in partnership with Target where he develops, manufactures and distributes top-notch hair tools and professional quality shampoos, conditioners, stylers and at-home color, all formulated with rich ingredients and tested by his team of stylists.

I asked about the industry, haircare concerns and dream clients. Savone answered. Here’s what he had to say:


1. How have things changed since you first started out in the industry? In the early part of my career there were not as many hair stylists, but there were some standout greats. Today there are many more hair stylists but not as many true talents.

2. How would you know if your cut is working for you? The true test is if your hair looks great and you can easily recreate the style when you do it yourself.

3. As women age, are certain styles more flattering? Style is more important than length when it comes to choosing a flattering look for any one at any age, but especially in older women.

4. What are your top anti-aging tips for hair?
Fine hair can be aging especially when the hair is limp and lifeless. To keep it from falling flat, I recommend you use a Volume Boosting product, such as Umberto Beverly Hills Volume Boosting Foam or Umberto Beverly Hills Volumizer Thickening Spray. I like alcohol-free products because alcohol is drying and dried-out hair is particularly aging. Also, women with fine hair often make the mistake of shying away from conditioner because they are afraid that it will weigh their hair down. Conditioner is a must as fine hair can dry out easily and further exaggerate the problem.

5. What are the most common concerns or complaints you hear from clients and what advice do you give them?

  • “I can’t control my hair”: For better control I recommend a good haircut and using a leave in conditioning spray before blow drying for ultimate style control.
  • “My hair is so dry”: I recommend a quality daily shampoo and conditioner and doing a deep conditioning treatment monthly.

6. If you could have any celebrity sit in your chair, who would it be and what would you do?
Without a doubt, it would be Hillary Clinton. I would cut her hair to add softness and movement, since it’s presently too bulbous and stiff. Then I would add dimension to her color which is too solid and golden. To add depth I’d use a lighter shade on the bottom layers so that the color would show through as her hair moves.

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