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Well over twenty years ago, Lisa Price started mixing up fragrances, body butters and lotions in her kitchen. Customers at Brooklyn flea markets and craft fairs snapped them up and helped turn this passionate hobby of hers into the beauty empire that is now Carol’s Daughter, a line of prestige haircare, body care and skin care products made with natural ingredients.

A big part of Price’s success might be due go the fact that she listens to what her customers really want, what they’re not satisfied with, what’s going to make them happy and then does her best to deliver on that. When pressed on what she’s working on for 2016 Price wouldn’t spill the beans except to say she’s got “lots of newness for hair and body,” but she was more than happy to dish on everything else.


Here’s what Price had to say:

1. What sets Carol’s Daughter apart from other beauty brands?

Carol’s Daughter was truly born out of passion and love and the day that we lose sight of that is the day that we are no more. I am blessed to have a team with me and supporting me that gets and shares that passion. The Carol’s Daughter consumer is a woman who wants a quality product for an affordable price but she can still feel like she is indulging in something luxurious.

2. What’s your best advice for someone mixing products in their kitchen and how can they take it to the next level?

First, they must realize there are many, many “next levels.” They have to be patient, vigilant, knowledgeable about their industry and know what sets them apart from the competition. It isn’t just about being handmade or using natural ingredients. Those qualities are not as niche as they once were.

3. Share your personal philosophy on getting and keeping your hair healthy

Moisture. I deep condition my hair at least once a month, which includes a pre poo. I try to steam my hair on a pretty regular basis and I minimize heat as much as I possibly can. Also, occasionally wearing a protective style is a great way to your hair and you a break from the styling grind.

4. What are your cold-weather hair tips?

My hair care routine doesn’t shift between summer and winter. I deep condition as much in both weather extremes because my hair is dry and the key is always to keep it moisturized. But, for cold weather, I do recommend you find hats that are gentle on your hair. While wool may be warm on your head it isn’t friendly to your hair. I tend to wear hoods and scarves and cowls to stay warm and protect my hair.

5. Who are your top picks for the best celeb hair?

  • Tracee Ellis Ross
  • Ava Duvernay
  • Kate Hudson
  • Debra Messing

6. What are your top 3 bestsellers and personal favorites?

Top sellers include Monoi Repairing Hair Mask, my favorite choice for deep conditioning. It is one of the best hair masks ever and reduces breakage by 98 percent. Also, Mimosa Hair Honey, which is an amazing hair pomade that I made over 20 years ago and is our top-selling hair dress item today. And one of my favorite and also newest to the line are our collection of Combing Cremes. They are amazing 4-in-1 moisturizers for the hair. They detangle, define, add shine and softness to the hair and are available in Black Vanilla, Hair Milk and Sacred Tiare. The last two are my faves. Another longtime fave of mine is our Body Jelly. It is my answer to petroleum jelly. It’s 100 percent natural, fragrance-free and a multi-purpose miracle worker that I cannot live without. It can be used on your face, body, elbows, heels, cuticles, applied to wet or dry skin, as a makeup remover…I can go on and on.

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