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12-13-15 | Posted by

‘Tis the season for looking your best, and no-one knows this better than Frank Friscioni, the Co-Director of Color at the Oscar Blandi Salon in Manhattan. He sees more people for color, highlights or other touch ups between November 1 and January 1 than almost any other time of the year.

Friscioni chatted up Beauty in the Bag about what’s hot in hair coloring in 2015,  and what’s not. (In a word, Balayage is in, and pastel colors are out, or should be)

Here’s what he had to say:


What is your signature procedure?

My goal is to make people look their best, no matter what technique I have to use– be it balayage, ombre, foils, single process or gloss. I pull out whatever tricks I need to make the person in my chair shine.

What is balayage?

Balayage creates soft touches of highlights or lowlights that look natural and subtle. By hand-painting the hair, blondes and brunettes can achieve dimension and a sun-kissed look.

What is the single worst thing we do to our hair, and how can we remedy it?

Too much shampooing and too many blow outs make our hair dry and brittle. So does coloring.   Think about it: we exfoliate and moisturize our faces and our skin.  Well, our hair needs that too. It is important to do enough healing, conditioning treatments- at the salon or at home. I tell people if you don’t want to do these treatments, don’t color your hair. Dried-out hair looks like a witch’s broom!!  So, the curlier and coarser your hair, the more heat is needed to be applied – which, fries it.  Everyone MUST DO soothing, conditioning treatments!

How often should we color and retouch?

Traditionally single process needs to be touched up every 3-6 weeks, and highlights every two months. My personal advice is to do it when it bothers you.  Those mornings when you gaze in the mirror and your hair bugs you – – that is when to come in for an appointment.  Forget your datebook – – check your mirror!

What is trending in hair color today?

Lavender, purple, silver, pink and red are all trending whether we’re talking about single process, ombre, all-over color or just tipping the ends.  I advise caution because these colors are damaging to hair and fade rapidly.  If you want to TRY it first or get the look without coloring your locks, opt for clip ons.

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