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12-02-15 | Posted by

I’ve long been a fan of the ponytail. Besides liking the low-maintenance vibe they tend to give out, ponytails actually work better with “dirty” hair and make it easy to go an extra day or two without shampooing, a plus if you color your hair. I like that they work for all occasions, from something as casual as heading to the gym to hanging out with friends to going to the office and even going out for drinks or dinner. Just add a pair of spectacular earrings and you could even head to a black tie event, like Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner, only two of the celebs spotted at the recent American Music Awards sporting the ponytail.

The pony is one hairstyle that’s only going to get hotter in 2016 so now is a great time to perfect it. The good news is if you don’t have enough length and/or volume to pull it off naturally there are many options available that can help you do it in style anyway. A great one is RPZL’s Pony in an Instant! ($100; $150), a fully customized clip-in hair extension pony that’s 100% Virgin Remy Hair and expertly matched by their specialists for color, length, and texture.

I interviewed RPZL’s co-founder, Lisa Richards, who was more than happy to share her expertise with BITB’s readers on everything pony:

NWS: What are the benefits to wearing a ponytail?
LR: Putting your hair in a ponytail is a great way to give it the perfect, trendy look while simultaneously making it comfortable and hassle-free. It not only saves you time (you can get away without washing it too, giving your hair a much needed break), but also gets your hair out of your face, which can help ensure you enjoy yourself whether dressed up for a cocktail party, dancing the night away or working out. It also goes well with any hair color and outfit! Another beauty secret is that a tight pony offers an instant facelift.

NWS: Why are ponytails trending right now?
LR: Throwing unwashed hair up into a ponytail is the go-to for A-list celebs grocery shopping, après yoga, hiking in the Hollywood Hills, or you know, being just like us. But lately, whether in a high pony, a low side part look, or something in between, the once casual ‘do has been upgraded to red carpet status. It has been seen lately at every Award Show or Red carpet event on favorite celebrities such as Ana Kendrick, Emma Roberts, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

NWS: What are the best ponytail looks right now? Please explain how to do.
LR: Either a high or low ponytail! To get this modern looking pony, simply pull your hair into a ponytail – high or low pony. After creating your pony, grab a 1-inch section of hair from the underside and spray it with a strong-hold hairspray like R + Co Outer Space to give it some grab. Then, tightly wrap it around the hair band and secure it underneath with bobbies. It not only looks more polished, but gives the ponytail a little bit of lift, too.
To take your pony to the next level, use RPZL’s NEW Pony! extension (RPZL’s Headmasters will also remotely match your pony to your hair color via uploading a selfie). First, secure your desired pony. Then take the RPZL Pony! and simply insert the comb (attached to the extension) into your ponytail to secure it, then wrap and snap the Velcro around your pony, and use the already designed section of hair to wrap it around, giving it the complete look. It will blend flawlessly and will give your pony more length and volume in an instant!

NWS: What are your best tricks or tips to make your ponytail look modern (not dated!)?
LR: Covering up the elastic is the oldest Hollywood trick in the book for making a ponytail look red carpet-ready in seconds. You can also tug out pieces on the top of your head to give an effortless feel—the more undone, the cooler it looks. In addition, you can use a large barrel curling iron to add subtle waves from mid-shaft to ends to give it a more romantic, casual sporty look. Another one of our favorite pony looks can be achieved by adding shine and using a flatiron for that sleek and chic look. The stick-straight strands dramatically dress up the look.

NWS: What’s the best ponytail look for the mature woman?
LR: The low pony and side part are the epitome of understated elegance.

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