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01-14-16 | Posted by

Beauty and fitness devices are getting smarter and cooler by the minute.

Wearable bracelets that track steps, sleep and calories along with other health data may be omnipresent on our wrists, but they are so 2015. Advances in fashion tech are once again changing the way we do things.  Looking for a bra that supports you and counts calories burned during spin? An at-home device that produces med-spa quality rejuvenation effects on your skin? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s the scoop on the hottest fashion tech products making waves today.

Smart Bras

There are smart shirts and shoes, so why not bras? Who wouldn’t want the same item that provides support during exercise to do double duty as a tracker?

The OMsignal biometric bra tracks heart rate, breathing rate and calories burned, among other health-related deets. The info is then sent wirelessly to OMsignal’s mobile app. The bra also integrates with Apple Health, Nike+, Strava, MapMyFitness and Runtastic. Look for it in Spring 2016, with a suggested retail price of $150. It’s machine washable too.

Nails to Go

3D printers may not just be for science geeks after all. At least two companies, Transforming and The Lasergirls, now offer live 3D-printed nails made to order. This means no more ill-fitting peel-ons, press-ons or other fake talons. The choices are bright, bold, textured and limitless. (Think bumpy, sour raspberries and creepy Dracula claws.)

Eyes on the Prize

There’s less of a need for a digital detox with Aurai, a water-propelled eye massager that has both cool and warm compresses. This super-smart newbie device can help relieve headaches, dry or irritated eyes, blurry vision and neck and back pain caused by excessive screen use. The super smart will be available in February 2016 at Kickstarter.com starting at $119.

Flash Forward

DERMAFLASH™ is the newest addition to the at-home beauty device market. It’s a noninvasive exfoliation device that uses sonic vibration to sweep away dead skin and facial hair. The DERMAFLASH system comes with prep cleanser, single-use edges and soothing balm for six at-home treatments. One treatment takes about 10 minutes to complete. DERMAFLASH is available on Sephora.com and in all Sephora stores nationwide and in Canada. The DERMAFLASH system retails for $189, Essentials is $39.

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