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Photo Credit: Drybar


06-20-19 | Posted by

Every day is ‘bring your dog to work day’ around here, largely because I work from home.

My two dogs, Perri and Thomas, are my constant companions, often barking excessively the minute I jump on a call and not stopping until I hang up.

So, when I first heard about an actual press event that would allow me to bring my dog/s, I was all in. A team-building field trip was just what we needed as it can get kind of boring around here. Dry Bar (my fave blow-out salon) and Bark Bar teamed up celebrate the premiere of The Secret Life of Pets 2.  As part of the promotion, Drybars became #BarkBars, offering owners and dogs joint grooming sessions.

As I read the fine print, however, I realized that only my miniature schnauzer was eligible for the free coiffing. There was a list of dogs who were excluded because they have very short or no hair. While Thomas’ “breed” was not on the list, some of the breeds that showed up in his canine DNA tests were. I was pretty sure that my Pit Bull Terrier-Chihuahuamix was canine non grata.  Perri and Thomas are bonded to say the very least so leaving was traumatic and dramatic for us all, but once Perri and I got in the car, we left that all behind us in pursuit of mother-dog beauty.

Perri & Me

Upon our arrival, Perri was ushered into a see-through van parked on East 39thstreet where expert groomers fluffed her beard, trimmed her skirt and shaped her brows as I had my curly hair blown stick straight inside Dry Bar, adjacent to a green carpet step and repeat. She was returned to my lap, where she feels most at home, looking absolutely stunning with a giant yellow ribbon attacked to her pink harness.

The two of us left Dry Bar feeling like a million bucks and walked up Madison Avenue back to the office where Thomas was likely living his best secret life – alone in the “office” for once.



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