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07-24-18 | Posted by

If your hands are giving away your (real) age, there are some good solutions for that.

For many of us, hands can be a dead giveaway of aging, especially because they tend to be harder to hide than most other body parts. Unless you wear gloves year round (think Michael Jackson), your hands are going to show skin thinning, loss of elasticity, protruding veins and tendons, and discoloration from sun damage. Some women are self-conscious about their hands because they remind them of their mom’s or grandma’s hands, which can make you feel ancient.

Although many fillers have been used for rejuvenating hands, Restylane Lyft (Nestle Skin Health) is the first and only hyaluronic acid injectable gel that was FDA-approved for restoring fullness to the back of the hands, providing more youthful-looking skin. It is also the first-ever hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler to receive FDA approval for an area other than the face.

According to New York City dermatologist Marina Peredo, “Restoring volume to the back of the hands is another area on the endless list of uses for hyaluronic acid fillers. I love using Restylane Lyft to rejuvenate the hands because it adds lost volume to the back of the hands, it makes hands appear less skeletal and hides bulging veins to make hands appear more youthful. In addition, Restylane Lyft helps to hydrate the skin and improves the texture of the skin on the back of the hands. I like the hands to match the face, and not to give away the patient’s age.”

Restylane Lyft Treatment

“I’ve seen an uptick in requests for hand rejuvenation over the past year. Patients, often those that have undergone a facial rejuvenation procedure, notice that the volume loss on the back of their hands doesn’t match the new youthful appearance of their face. The most effective hand rejuvenation treatment for volume loss on the back of hands is injectable filler. By using a high density hyaluronic acid gel such as Juvederm Voluma (Allergan) the lost volume can be replaced resulting in plump, youthful hands,” explained New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Shain Cuber.

Hand injections take about 15 minutes per hand. Following the procedure, recovery is pretty straightforward. There may be some temporary swelling and bruising. Other popular injectables that can be used in the hands to restore a more youthful appearance are fat taken from your tummy, hips or thighs and platelet rich plasma (PRP) used separately or in tandem. Along with hyaluronic acid gel fillers, Radiesse (Merz Aesthetics), a calcium hydroxy apatite filler that stimulates new collagen is also used to add volume. BOTOX Cosmetic (Allergan), Dysport (Nestle Skin Health) and Xeomin (Merz Aesthetics) injections are another way to go to camouflage bulging veins.

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