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06-10-13 | Posted by

It seems like we live in a straight-hair rules world, but according to a recent poll conducted by L’Oreal Paris, nearly 80% of women would choose wavy or curly hair as their natural hairstyle, if they had a magic wand. Surprisingly, only 16% of women would want hair that followed the straight and narrow.

As a wavy head myself, I know it takes a bit of work to get it right—an activity quite worth the effort, according to the “Curly Girl” survey that was commissioned this year. Seventy-four percent of the curl/wavy haired women polled said that their curls gain them compliments.

And curly heads know the power of their locks. Forty percent said that they wear their curls “au natural” every day. Only 15 % straighten it most of the time. Who can blame them?

As for who has more fun, the verdict is still out. According to the L’Oreal survey, more than 50% of women perceive curly-haired girls as fun, while slightly less than 50% of the men polled concurred.

Because L’Oreal Paris wants curly heads to feel the power the beauty giant has created the L’Oreal Paris EverCurl Sulfate-Free Curl Care System. The six-piece range targets the key concerns of curly girls—moisture, definition, and shine. The line features a shampoo, a conditioner, a combo shampoo/conditioner, and three styling products. You can customize a program based on your hair type: wavy, curly, or “coily.” The objective is to get frizz free, soft waves or shiny curly. It even promises 48 hours of frizz free bounce. Priced from $6.99 to $8.99, the EverCurl range is available at drugstores now.

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