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06-21-09 | Posted by


As a nurse, I am always on the lookout for new and advanced cosmeceutical skincare that really works.  This range from Canada caught my eye because of its science based formulas.

The key ingredients in the DNA Performance Skincare are:

Nutraplex2C - Your skin has built-in antioxidant defense mechanisms to fight free radical damage, but the most powerful is a protein called gluthione.Nutraplex2C was designed to increase levels of glutathione to provide superior antioxidant protection that is known to prematurely age skin. Targets fine lines, age spots, sagging.

Strataplex – This complex combines cholesterol, ceramides, and free fatty acids derived from plant oils. The ingredients have been proven to accelerate repair of the skin’s transepidermal water barrier, and increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Targets dry, dehydrated skin.

Pentaplex – This complex has 5 ingredients including Ruscus Aculeatus root extract, hesperidine, and vitamin C. Peptides are added to increase collagen synthesis in the dermal layers.  Helps with puffiness and skin strengthening.

Created by Andrew Haber who has devoted half a decade to developing this unique skin care range, all 3 of the DNA Performance Skincareâ„¢ products have been designed to approach a specific problem of aging skin.

  • DNA Repair; serum to reverse the appearance of aging skin
  • DNA Restore; night cream for dry, damaged, dehydrated skin
  • DNA Revive; eye cream for tired, puffy eyes

I particularly like DNA Repair becuase it can be used all over the face and neck and is a serum with a pleasant non-tacky texture.

DNA Performance Skincare is only available at selected medspas and doctor’s offices in North America.


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