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09-17-10 | Posted by


Forget messy creams, waxing from hell, strips, gels, foams, and razor nicks! The Lumenis High Speed LightSheer DUET for permanent hair reduction is a laser hair removal system with two advantages;  extra speed and comfort.  By using a mega sized handpiece plus powerful vacuum assisted technology, this device allows you to be treated quickly, with minimal discomfort and without having to sit for an hour slathered with numbing cream beforehand. Even larger areas – like backs, arms, and legs – can be done within 15 minutes (unless your name is KONG).  As with other systems, you will need a series of five to six treatments to get to bare, and one maintenance visit per year may be recommended to keep stubble at bay.

According to Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan, “The DUET is the first breakthrough in laser hair removal devices we have seen in the past decade. With its large spot size and vacuum tip, it allows us to treat patients in a fraction of the time with little to no discomfort and really extends the range of skin colors we can safely treat.  For the person on the go needing to quickly get back to their busy schedule, the DUET is a perfect option for reducing unwanted hair.”

Can’t bring your razor on board in your carryon? Now you can laugh at the TSA with your smooth LightSheer DUET legs!

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