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Photo Credit: Sephora.com


05-12-14 | Posted by

I opened the silver bullet-shaped lip gloss by clicking on the tiny clasp that reminded me of a purse, and applied the new Lancôme Lip Lover to my dry lips and expected to get that all too familiar tacky feeling, but there was none.

Lancôme Lip Lover ($23) may be the best lip gloss in the world right now—if you want a dewy shine. The consumer reviews have—for the most part—been upbeat (one user on Sephora.com said, “This is the second Lip Lover that I purchased because I really liked my first one”). I would venture to say the same, but would add that while the moisturizing benefit and the imparted glowing dewiness are excellent reasons to buy this lip gloss, the color pigments in the 16 shades are a bit paler than what works for me.

A huge asset of this gloss is that the soft sponge applicator is perfectly contoured so that the gloss goes on evenly throughout your lips. Lancôme’s National Celebrity Makeup Artist, Darais, offers these tips to make this particular gloss last longer:

  • Start on the middle of your lips with the special shaped sponge applicator and blend outwards. This will deposit the most amount of product where the lips are the fullest;
  • Blot, then reapply a second time for a wonderful shine;
  • For even more extended wear, use a waterproof lip liner. Darais recommends Lancôme Le Lipstique in Clair: it works beautifully with any lip color  product, “especially Lip Lover,” he says.

Popularity of  lip glosses rises and falls like the tides, but Lancôme is always there with a new formulation from from its now classic Juicy Tubes ($18) that are still adored by the younger crowd to the more sophisticated Color Fever Gloss ($27) for a dazzling shine. Lip Lover is a balm-like gloss and brings a welcomed addition to the Lancôme lineup.

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