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Posted by 01.11.13

Called a mask, but really more like an overnight drink of water for your skin, Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask ($32) puts your slumber hours to good use. You apply the mask at bedtime, sleep with it on, and awake with smooth, soft and nourished skin. Simply rinse off the mask in the morning when you shower or wash your face.

As soon as the nearly odorless creamy mask is applied, skin feels comforted and smooooth. The moisturizing effect starts immediately, but Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is actually formulated to maximize the healing mode that skin slips into at night. According to Clinique scientists, skin is programmed to fine-tune its rhythm for the next day while you sleep at night.

At night, you want to assist your skin as much as possible to heal and recharge. Moisture Surge Overnight Mask contains essential lipids that work to help calm skin and reduce irritation from daytime environmental aggressors. In addition, the ever-so-essential barrier function is boosted so you can meet the next day’s challenges.

The mask features one of BITB’s favorite skincare ingredients: hyaluronic acid, which locks in moisture via an invisible moisture mesh. Other ingredients help to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, repair and strengthen the barrier function, and clam and soothe.

Apply, sleep, and rest. The next thing you know it’s morning and you have smooth, moisturized and softer skin.

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