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11-21-11 | Posted by

It’s never to early to start learning about the dangers of overexsposure to the sun’s rays. Board certified dermatologist and on-camera medical consultant Glynis Ablon, M.D. has written a picture book with her 8-year-old daughter Ashley about the importance of sunscreen entitled Ashley’s Ultraviolet Adventures.  Sunscreen and skin protection is something that has been stressed as a major part of Ashley’s daily routine—her sunscreen bottle is kept right next to her toothpaste and she puts it on every morning.

Ashley’s Ultraviolet Adventures is meant for children, but the book still manages to present some important information about how critical proper skincare is when it comes to avoiding dangerous ultraviolet rays. Ashley relays several past incidents—a ski vacation, a family trip to the beach, and a Thanksgiving dinner at which she learns her grandmother has skin cancer—each of which demonstrate why sunscreen is a vital tool in protecting our skin. It is necessary, Ashley explains, to wear plenty of sunscreen regardless of the weather because ultraviolet rays can get through even on cloudy days. Ashley’s mother teaches her that tanned skin is actually a sign of damage and tanning over long periods of time can ultimately result in serious problems and even cancerous cells.

The book is short and straightforward, and its colorful illustrations make it accessible for young children whose parents might be hoping to help them learn about the dangers of overexposure to the sun and the necessities of skin protection. Ashley is a relatable narrator, and young readers are sure to find themselves engaged in her anecdotes and eager to emulate her regular sunscreen use and healthy habits.

Ashley’s Ultraviolet Adventures was published in 2011 through CreateSpace and is illustrated by Christina Pineda, M.A.

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