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Meet the Original Yummy Mummy

Imagine the freedom – not to mention the time saving factor – of casually tossing aside your daily makeup regimen. Not many ladies would willingly part with a favorite shade of lipstick or mascara without an alternative. Debra Robson-Lawrence is seeing to it that women have the choice to subtly and efficiently improve their appearance with semi-permanent makeup. She has also helped clients with a medical need for the treatment, like Alopecia and scarring, which makes her work all the more beautiful in our book.


What is the difference between “Slummy Mummies” and “Yummy Mummies”?

Most women admit to letting themselves go after having children. With so many celebrity mums losing their baby weight and looking glam within weeks of giving birth, there is more pressure than ever on the rest of us to look good after having kids. A recent GMTV survey revealed that 73% of new mums find themselves spending less time on their appearance since becoming mothers. 

What are the most in-demand semi-permanent makeup treatments you offer?

We are inundated with bookings from ladies who just want to look and feel a little prettier and better in themselves. Our most popular treatments are our Brow Couture and Power Brow Treatments for replacing lost hair and beautifully redefining the features. Also, our Secret Liner is a hidden application of colour pushed up and under the lashes to discreetly add depth and definition to the eyes. I designed a treatment specifically for ladies who have lost plumpness in the lips and need more fullness and definition, but without the dreaded “trout pout” appearance. Our Barely There Blush and Tender Tint Lip wash are very subtle, natural infusions of the most natural colours to liven and freshen the lips and put those seductive curves back in the mouth.

Are there other non-cosmetic reasons for these applications?

Oh yes definitely. The brow treatments are a must have for those with Alopecia or undergoing chemo. We can repigment the areola following mastectomy, and our newest most innovative face lift scar reduction treatments are fabulous. I am currently treating a young model who had her face severely burned in an acid attack. The reconstructive surgeon has done a wonderful job with pioneering skin graft surgery, and we are now finishing by defining her features with brow couture and recreating a completely new lip contour, which we are shaping and blending with  soft colour.

How would you define your artistic technique?

I have a background in makeup and beauty and came into this industry when there were some shockingly garish and over dramatic looking treatments. Permanent makeup had and awful reputation in the press, and I wanted to set about changing the way it was perceived in this country. I pioneered my own technique which I call FAMEâ„¢ facial aesthetic micro-enhancement. It describes my particularly natural looking style of  work. In fact, it is so natural looking you’d never know it wasn’t real makeup!

Is semi-permanent makeup a cost-effective option?

Without a doubt! Imagine looking perfect all day, like having your own personal makeup artist on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Are you a mom? 

I most definitely am, and don’t I know it! I have two delightful teenage girls who are currently pillaging my wardrobe and makeup! I’m so glad their feet are bigger than mine though. I’m a bit precious about my shoes!

What’s your favourite bag?

Oh I love bags and I have lots of favourites. The one I’m loving at the moment is a neon pink bow shaped McQueen clutch. I open it and stick my face right inside just to smell it!

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