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05-14-13 | Posted by

If you suffer from dry skin, you’ve probably learned to separate the wheat from the chaff. Lightweight scented body lotions may be delicious to smell and apply, but are often over loaded with alcohol to make them absorb quickly, ultimately drying out your skin even further.

True dry skin sufferers seek out clinically driven brands, many of which began life as products intended for physician and hospital use only. Case in point: AmLactin® and the new AmLactin® Cerapeutic™ Restoring Body Lotion (7.9 oz., $18.99 suggested retail price).

Dry skin can be a challenge even in the summer if you live in a dry climate like the US southwest or even southern California. And swimming, the most summer of summer activities, can wreck havoc on your skin. Take it from Dara Torres, 12-time Olympic medalist and AmLactin brand ambassador. “When I was swimming daily, I created a moisturizing routine to keep my skin from drying out,” she told BeautyInTheBag.

One way to make skin more receptive to moisturizers is to exfoliate and remove dry, dead skin layers. AmLactin lotions and creams feature alpha-hydroxy acids, natural and gentle exfoliators derived from lactic acid, which encourage new soft skin cells to reveal themselves, and help draw water to the skin to hydrate it.

The new Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion also contains ceramides, lipids found naturally in the skin’s outer layer. Spending a lot of time in water or using harsh soap among other reasons causes skin to lose ceramides, which leaves skin vulnerable to irritants. The ceramides in the body lotion help heal, protect, and replenish the skin.

Cerapetuic Restoring Body Lotion joins three other AmLactin body moisturizers sold at drugstores and pharmacies. Cerapeutic helps repair extremely rough, flaky, dry skin. Moisturizing Body Lotion is ideal for everyday; Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion is for dry areas that need extra attention; and Foot Cream helps eliminate rough skin and callouses. Amlactin is also a favorite of dermatologists.

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